After Tesla entered China, the price has been adjusted nearly 60 times! Model 3 price cut

 After Tesla entered China, the price has been adjusted nearly 60 times! Model 3 price cut

Since entering China, the price has been adjusted nearly 60 times

According to incomplete statistics of interface data, since Tesla entered the Chinese market in December 2013, up to now, the official price range adjustment of its models, modelx, Model3 and modely models is about 59 times (at the same time, the price adjustment is repeated). Among them, the price range adjustment of models is the most frequent, reaching about 24 times.

In the past three years, the price range of four Tesla models has been adjusted more than 10 times. Among them, the price change is the most frequent in 2019, and the cumulative price adjustment of four models is about 15 times. Since May this year, the price range of the four models has been adjusted about 9 times, including 7 times of price reduction.

The number of people covered by the price has been greatly expanded

When Tesla first entered the Chinese market in 2014, the price range of its models was 734-1084500 yuan. With the continuous enrichment of product lines and the addition of modelx, Model3 and modely models, Teslas price range has become larger and larger. So far, the overall price range of Teslas various series ranges from 269700 yuan to 1174900 yuan, with an increase of 554700 yuan compared with the initial price range.

The price of all models has been greatly reduced

Since the official price of model 3 was announced in November 2018, the price range of model 3 has been adjusted about 13 times so far, including 9 times of price reduction, including the price reduction caused by the entry of various models of model 3 into China. The lowest selling price of model 3 was reduced from 54000 yuan to 269700 yuan (before subsidy), with a reduction rate of 50%. After the subsidy, the current official website price was 249900 yuan. The highest selling price of model 3 also dropped from 595000 yuan at the time of announcement to 419800 yuan at present, with a decrease rate of nearly 30%.

As the model with the highest selling price at the time of launch, the price range of modelx has been lowered and increased for several rounds since 2016, and the lowest price has finally decreased from 961000 yuan to 772900 yuan, and the highest price has dropped from 1171800 yuan to 872900 yuan at present, down nearly 300000 yuan, with a decrease rate of 25%.

The price range of models was 734-1084500 yuan when it was first introduced. In July 2018, its highest price rose to 1473200 yuan, and the lowest price rose to nearly 850000 yuan. In November of the same year, the prices of models were all lowered, and after several adjustments, the highest price was reduced to 856900 yuan by July 2020. In September 2020, the highest price range of the model splaid model will be increased to 1174900 yuan.

At the same time, Teslas market value is also soaring. As of October 20, Teslas share price has increased nearly 11 times compared with the US $36.28 when we just entered the Chinese market (January 1, 2014), and the market value has reached US $401451 billion. Compared with 2017, when Tesla became the highest market value automobile enterprise in the United States with more than $51 billion, the market value of Tesla has increased by nearly 700% in the past three years. In June this year, Tesla surpassed Toyota with a market value of 183.7 billion US dollars, becoming the worlds first automobile company in terms of market value. On August 31, Teslas market value exceeded 460 billion US dollars, nearly 2.5 times of Toyotas market value.

Source: interface news Author: Li Mengyao, Meng lingxihe Miao, editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF