60000 people have been vaccinated with Chinas new crown vaccine! Annual production capacity may reach 610 million

 60000 people have been vaccinated with Chinas new crown vaccine! Annual production capacity may reach 610 million

Tian Baoguo, deputy director of the Department of social development and science and technology of the Ministry of science and technology, said that the four new coronal vaccines, which have entered the phase III clinical trial stage, are generally progressing smoothly. Up to now, about 60000 subjects have been vaccinated, and no serious adverse reactions have been reported.

Data map: novel coronavirus vaccine is being developed by researchers. Photo by Tang Yanjun

Tian Baoguo pointed out that vaccines are the most powerful technical means to control infectious diseases. The scientific research team immediately put vaccine research and development as the top priority. It laid out five technical routes for parallel research and development of inactivated vaccine, recombinant protein vaccine, adenovirus vector vaccine, attenuated influenza virus vector vaccine and nucleic acid vaccine, and organized 12 national advantageous teams to jointly tackle the key problems. In strict accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, the team did not reduce the procedures and standards On the premise of safety, the R & D work should be carried out in a standardized and orderly manner.

No serious adverse reactions were reported in China

Tian Baoguo said that at present, Chinas vaccine research and development work is generally in a leading position. There are vaccines entering the clinical research stage in each technical route. Specifically, 13 vaccines have entered clinical trials. Among them, inactivated vaccine and adenovirus vector vaccine two technical routes, a total of 4 vaccines have entered phase III clinical trial. The four vaccines entering phase III clinical trial stage, on the whole, are progressing smoothly.

Chinas new crown vaccine from phase I to phase III clinical trials, into the human body vaccination, there have been some mild adverse reactions, including local pain, swelling, low fever, fever and so on. Tian Baoguo mentioned that several vaccines currently in phase III clinical trials in China have basically mild adverse reactions, and no serious adverse reactions have been reported.

Tian Baoguo said that the results of phase III clinical trial are internationally recognized indicators to verify the effectiveness of vaccine protection. In the current situation that Chinas new crown epidemic situation has been effectively controlled and the conditions for carrying out phase III clinical trial are not available, how to select suitable regions and subjects, and how to organize and implement phase III clinical trials smoothly are the main problems facing the phase III clinical trial u3002 In the next step, the scientific research team will actively promote the research and development of vaccines in accordance with the principles of scientific laws and legal compliance.

Ministry of science and technology: mutation of new coronavirus has no substantial impact on vaccine development

Tian Baoguo introduced that the new coronavirus has mutation, but the variation is not big. The accumulation of variation within the normal range does not have a substantial impact on vaccine development. He also mentioned that it has been proved that the vaccine we are testing can effectively neutralize the mutated new coronavirus. In the follow-up work, the scientific research team will closely track the virus mutation, study and judge in time, and provide timely warning and reference for our vaccine R & D team.

By the end of the year, Chinas new vaccine production capacity may reach 610 million doses

The price must be acceptable to the public

Zheng Zhongwei, head of the vaccine research and development team of the research team and director of the science and technology development center of the National Health Commission, said that it is expected that by the end of this year, the annual production capacity of Chinas new crown vaccine will reach 610 million doses, and the annual production capacity of Chinas new crown vaccine will be effectively expanded on this basis next year.

Data map: a novel coronavirus inactivated vaccine sample. Photo by Zhang Qin

Zheng Zhongwei said that the price of Chinas new crown vaccine adheres to the principle of enterprise entity pricing, but adheres to the following principles: first, the principle of public product attribute, pricing must not be based on supply and demand, but on cost; second, pricing should be based on the publics willingness and demand for vaccination. Therefore, the pricing of Chinas new crown vaccine must be within the acceptable range of the public.

In addition, Zheng Zhongwei said that when we provide vaccines to the world, we will certainly give fair and reasonable prices. Moreover, for some underdeveloped countries or some developing countries, we can also help these countries to achieve the accessibility and affordability of new coronal vaccines. At the scene, Zhao Xing, a second level inspector of the International Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs, also pointed out that we will continue to work with the international community, countries and international organizations to safeguard the safety and health of the worlds people.

High risk and high-risk groups should be given priority

In view of who can give priority to the new coronavirus vaccination, Zheng Zhongwei said that at present, the new coronavirus vaccination population in the future is divided into three categories. The first category is high-risk population, including front-line medical and epidemic prevention personnel, border port staff, staff who have to go to high pollution areas or countries due to work reasons, and staff who ensure the basic operation of the city; the second category is high-risk Population, including the elderly, children, pregnant women and people with basic diseases, because once this group of people infected with new crown, the rate of severe and critical illness is far greater than other groups; the third category is the general population. Zheng Zhongwei said that no matter in what region, as long as it meets the characteristics, priority vaccination can be considered.

Source: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of China News Network_ NB12679