Hu Xijin: up to now, India has not returned the lost Chinese soldiers

 Hu Xijin: up to now, India has not returned the lost Chinese soldiers

Yesterday, the Indian sides statement was relatively mild and seemed constructive, but the Indian side needs to be consistent with its words and deeds. Due to the complex terrain in the border area between China and India, the two sides have agreed to deal with such situations. Moreover, timely return of the Chinese lost soldiers is the proper meaning of humanitarianism. I hope that the Indian side will not create extra troubles and regard the return of the lost soldier as Indias chip. It will run counter to morality and will never be accepted by China.

As a Chinese media person concerned about Sino Indian relations, Lao Hu very much hoped that India would abide by the agreement in dealing with this matter, put morality first, and keep his word, and quickly return the Chinese soldier to China. This is what India should do as a responsible power.

Previously, it was reported that the Western Theater of war made a statement on a Chinese soldier lost in the Sino Indian border area

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The Indian media said that according to the established agreement, the Indian side will return the soldier to the Chinese side at the chushule Mordo meeting place after completing the formalities.

According to the global times, the areas controlled by both sides in the western part of the Sino Indian border are crisscrossed and the terrain is relatively complex. Soldiers of both sides often get lost. There is an agreement between the two sides. When a small number of soldiers of the other side get lost, they will be sent back according to the agreement.

Since the border confrontation between China and India, every move of the two countries will attract the attention of the outside world. The Hindu newspaper quoted an official source as saying on the 19th that Australia would join the Malabar military exercise to be held in November this year, and the final participation mode and plan will be discussed and decided at the meeting held at the end of this month. Malabar military exercise is a maritime exercise jointly held by the United States, Japan and India, which is held once a year.

An anonymous source told the global times on the 19th that Australias formal participation in the Malabar military exercise marks the materialization of the Quartet security dialogue mechanism at the level of military cooperation. India has been reluctant to include Australia in the exercise, hoping that the latter will continue to participate in the military exercise as an observer. It is worried that allowing Australia to join the Malabar military exercise will lead to Chinas misjudgment, that is, Indias decision to completely turn to the Anti China Alliance led by the United States. However, after the Sino Indian border confrontation, Indias position has changed significantly.

According to Indian media reports, China and India will hold the eighth round of military commander level talks on the border situation in the near future.

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