Googles response to US Department of justices antitrust lawsuit: the lawsuit has serious defects

 Googles response to US Department of justices antitrust lawsuit: the lawsuit has serious defects

Photo: visitors take photos at Googles headquarters in mountain view, Northern California. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan

According to reports, this lawsuit is the most eye-catching anti-monopoly case adopted by the US Department of justice since it sued Microsoft for monopolizing the software market in 1998. Three years of litigation by Amazon, Amazon, and Apples face.

The Justice Departments complaint described Google as a monopoly Internet gatekeeper and said that Google, owned by its parent company alphabet, had used intricate exclusive transactions to suppress competitors in its search business.

U.S. attorney general Barr also pointed out that investigators found that Google did not compete in the quality of its search engine, but succeeded by paying mobile phone manufacturers and other companies. If we let Google continue its anti competitive approach, we will lose the next wave of innovators.

Subsequently, Kent walker, Googles chief legal officer, issued a statement saying there were serious defects in the antitrust litigation.

People use Google because they choose to do it, not because they are forced to do it, or because they cant find other alternatives, Volcker points out. This lawsuit wont help consumers in any way.

According to an analysis by Reuters, US President trump and Republicans have been accusing Google of suppressing conservative voices. The choice of the Justice Department to sue Google before the US election may be regarded as a political gesture. The attorneys general of the states involved in the complaint are all Republicans. Other states are also expected to sue Google later.

Jeffrey Rosen, Deputy Minister of justice, said that due to the rapid changes in the technology market, it is necessary to take quick action. He denied there was any relationship between the upcoming election and the timing of the lawsuit.

Source: China News Network Editor in charge: Qiao JunJing_ NBJ11279