Leipzig 2-0 Bruges beat Zenit

 Leipzig 2-0 Bruges beat Zenit

Renne 1-1 Krasnodar

In the 56th minute, Ryan was kicked from behind in the No.7 restricted area. The referee didnt give a penalty for the first time, but changed it to Ryan after the VaR prompted. Gilasi took the lead from a penalty, 1-0. In the 59th minute, Christian Ramirez received a cross pass from his teammates at the front of the forbidden area, and then took the ball to get rid of the Ryan defender. Then he turned around and shot a left foot volley, which made a curve straight to the net, 1-1.

Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

Group F

1-2 Bruges, Zenit, St. Petersburg

In the 63rd minute, the visiting teams de ketelar restricted area central road two successive push shot was blocked out by Zenit goalkeeper and guard, Dennis rushed to the front of the door to close up the goal, 0-1. The 74th minute, Luo Fulun outside the restricted area in the right post after the rebound in the visiting team goalkeeper Howard body rebound into the net, 1-1, this ball counted as Howard oolong. In the third minute of stoppage time, volmo hit the middle of the line on the right side of the baseline, and de ketelar pushed the shot to kill Zenit, 1-2.

Lazio 3-1 Dortmund

Group G

Barcelona 5-1 ferenzvaros

Group H

Leipzig 2-0 Istanbul

In the 16th minute, Kanpur hoisted the ball into the forbidden area. Angelini turned and volleyed the goal, 1-0.

The 20th minute, Paulson steals in the front court, nkunku does not make the adjustment to pass the ball, Angelini pushes the goal, 2-0.

Paris Saint Germain 1-2 Manchester United