UEFA Champions League - inMobile passes on Lazio 3-1 to win Dortmund

 UEFA Champions League - inMobile passes on Lazio 3-1 to win Dortmund

The eighth minute, grero cut after the ball, Sancho turned to long-range shot was blocked. The first 11 minutes, Sancho corner pass, pishchak header attack by strakosha single palm. The first 14 minutes, mobile after receiving milenkovic - Savage straight plug into the forbidden area, the door was blocked by humels. Then mobile was saved after another attack. The 19th minute, Guerrero and harand hit the wall to cooperate and stab the door to be saved.

The 22nd minute, Alberto oblique pass, Huajin - Correa small angle push shot attack was blocked out of the baseline. The 23rd minute, Alberto corner ball, Luis Felipe in front of the head after rubbing against the goal, the ball was hit by Hitz, a slight change of line after flying into the goal, Lazio 2-0 lead, this goal was finally counted as Hitzs own goal.

The 35th minute, Lucas - Leiva volley attack the door by pishchak header. In the 36th minute, Alberto corner kick directly to the goal, hitzto out of the beam. The 39th minute, Bellingham baseline cross, harand attack was blocked. The 43rd minute, the wittsel long-range Shot attacks the gate by strakosha confiscates.

In the second half, the two teams changed sides to fight again. In the 49th minute, harande cut into the middle of the forbidden area, then shot hard and was saved by strakosha. In the 51st minute, Felipe was injured and replaced by Holt. The 55th minute, Sancho inverted triangle back to hit the Middle Road, Royce volleyed the ball to fly. The 66th minute, Sancho straight, Royce hit back, grero volleyed higher than the beam.

In the 71st minute, Reina hit the middle of the forbidden area from the right side, and harand volleyed to get Dortmund back a goal, 1-2.

The 76th minute, Alberto pick pass the forbidden area, due to mobile bottom line knock back, akpa akpro push shot to break the goal, Lazio 3-1 lead. The 88th minute, the Lazio front court picks passes the forbidden area, murich goal right side small angle volleys the cushion shot to deviate the baseline directly. In the third minute of injury stoppage time, Sanchos corner kick was cleared by a header, and harands volley shot flew from the outside.

Finally, Lazio beat Dortmund 3-1 at home.

Lazio (352): 1-strakosha / 33 archerbi, 3-luis Felipe (5114-wesley hort), 4-patrick / 96-faris, 10-louis-alberto (8116-parolo), 6-lucas-reva, 21-milinkovic-savage (6792-akpa-akpro), 77-malusic / 17-inmobile (8120-keseido), 11-huajin-correauff08 6794 - murich)

Dortmund (3421): 35 Hitz / 6-delaney, 15 humels, 26 pishchak (6419 Brent) / 13 Guerrero, 28 wittsell, 22 Bellingham (4532-reiner), 24 Monier / 11 Royce (7820-rene), 7-sancho / 9-harand