Dont you feel ashamed? Don Belle was saved by Coleman, but he sat on the bench

 Dont you feel ashamed? Don Belle was saved by Coleman, but he sat on the bench

Piques 68 minute red card disrupted Barcelonas substitution rhythm. According to the original plan, grizman should have replaced Coutinho, but Coleman could only replace the Brazilian with centre back alaho. The last change was still for defense, with Busquets replacing the exhausted pianic. In this way, grizman can only play the role of spectator in this battle.

In the first four games, grizmans performance can be described as appalling. The Frenchman played on the right wing in the first three games. He scored 0 goals and 0 assists. After publicly complaining about Coleman, grizman was put in the middle last weekend. As a result, he played 79 minutes, only one shot, and this shot or kicked a single knife, which directly led to Barcelona 0-1 defeat hertafi.

On the right wing position, grizman had been under a lot of competition pressure from trinkon. Now, the recovery of Den Belle makes France No. 7 even more embarrassed. In his third appearance of the season, demberley made a contribution. Denbelles goal thanks to Messi, the unselfish Argentinian sent the cake to the French mouth.

Compared with the goal, dengbeilai this service auxiliary attack is more worthy of praise. On the right side of the front court, demberley made a vertical attack, which he made a landmark vertical forced breakthrough, and then sent a nanny assist for pedry. This breakthrough not only reflects the relatively ideal recovery of denbelles physical condition, but also reflects the great improvement of French confidence. Barcelona still want to sell denbelle in the winter. The better the Frenchman performs, the higher the price Barcelona can sell him.