Champions League - Rafael Rafaels victory over machal and Manchester United 2-1 away to Paris

 Champions League - Rafael Rafaels victory over machal and Manchester United 2-1 away to Paris

Paris Saint Germain, verati, icardi, Bernard and Paredes were absent due to injury. Neymar, mbape and di Malia formed the attacking Trident, and Uniteds former player ereira started. Uniteds Maguire, Cavani and Greenwood were absent, using 532 formation, new aid tres started for the first time, and bogba, who did not start in the last league, was substituted again.

In the 19th minute, Machar with the ball into the forbidden area left rib 12 yards, right foot shot high. In the 20th minute, Diallo kicked the Machar back to the goal unnecessarily in the forbidden area, and the referee gave a penalty. B-fernandezs penalty was saved by Navas, but var thought that Navas moved ahead of time and heavily punished. B-fernandez cheated Navas into the penalty again, Paris 0-1 Manchester United. The first 31 minutes, Kim Pemberley long pass, di Malia inserted a single knife, de GEA attack foot ball down Di Malia. However, VAR indicated that demalia was offside.

In the 34th minute, mbap put the ball into the forbidden area and fell down. Neymar was given a yellow card by the referee for penalty kick. From the replay, tuanzebe, who defends mbape, has obvious hand pushing action. In the 36th minute, Michael tominet kicked Neymar to get the yellow card. The 39th minute, tres passes, B - Fernandez long-range shot by Navas to save the baseline. Terres from the right corner, mctomina 8 yards header was blocked out of the baseline. In the first minute of stoppage time, Florence passed the ball, and the ball was blocked by Neymar. The first half ended, Paris 0-1 Manchester United.

In the 55th minute, Neymar opened the left corner and Machar headed the ball from the front point to form a self setting own dragon, Paris 1-1 Manchester United. The 57th minute, di Malia has sent a header, mbape inserted 8 yards to shoot, was vanpisca shovel out of the baseline. In the 59th minute, outlets opened the right corner, mctominays 8-yard header was blocked out, Luke Shaw left-hand cross, machals 6-yard header was high. The first 60 minutes, B - Fernandez long pass, Rushford inserted the right rib 16 yards, volley shot deviation.

The 64th minute, Neymar long-range shot was blocked out of the baseline. The 68th minute, bogba pass, B - Fernandez long-range shot high. The 70th minute, Rushford long-range shot by Navas out of the baseline. In the 72nd minute, tuanzebe fouled mbape and got a yellow card. The 75th minute, di Malia right-hand cross, m-keane 12 yards of head to attack the top of the door. In the 78th minute, b-fernandez missed the long-range shot. The 80 th minute, B - Fernandez forbidden area right rib cross was blocked, Rushford 18 yards strong shot, Navas saved.

The 82nd minute, Neymar middle road takes the ball to the forbidden area frontier shoots, de GEA saves. The 84th minute, Pereira tactical fouls pull down with the ball to fight back Fred received the yellow card. In the 87th minute, bogba passed the ball. Rushford swung out of the open space and shot low with his right foot 18 yards to the right. The ball hit the left column and bounced into the net. Paris 1-2 Manchester United. The 89th minute, Neymars long-range shot missed. In the 90th minute, m-keane stepped on Fred and got the yellow card.

In the end, United won 2-1.

Paris Saint Germain (433): 1-navas / 24-florence (7931-dagba), 22 Diallo, 3-gimpenbe, 20 kurzawa (8625-barker) / 21-erella (7812-lafinia), 15-perera, 27-gaye (4618-m-keane) / 11-dimaria (8619-saravia), 7-mbape and 10-neymar

United (532): 1-DE GEA / 29-wan Pisa, 38-tuanzebe, 2-lindloff, 23-luke-shaw, 27-outlets (676-bogpa) / 17-fred, 39-mctominet, 18-b-fernandez (8834-vanderbeck) / 10-rushford, 9-marshall (8821-james)

Manchester United beat Paris