Taiwan officials say they have never been so anxious: as long as there is a war, Taiwan will lose the most

 Taiwan officials say they have never been so anxious: as long as there is a war, Taiwan will lose the most

Related report: after the mainland disclosed the Taiwan spy case, the DPP authorities rushed to work out a joint spy case

[text / observer Wang Xiong Chaoran] recently, the mainland announced the detection of hundreds of Taiwan spy theft cases. Since October 11, CCTVs focus interview program has announced four Taiwan spy cases in three days. In this regard, the DPP authorities not only denied it, but also criticized the mainland for no reason.

According to the Central News Agency, United News Network and other Taiwan media reports, a few days after the mainland disclosed the Taiwan spy case, the DPP authorities launched a small action on the 20th, claiming that three retired generals of the Taiwan Military Intelligence Bureau were suspected of introducing private figures and handing in intelligence to mainland national security personnel. They were interviewed today.

Screenshot of Lianhe news network reported by Taiwan media

According to the report, prosecutors also found that from 2016 to 2017, retired colonels surnamed Zhang and Zhou also introduced Wang to the mainland to meet local national security personnel.

According to the report, prosecutors initially believed that the three retired major general Yue and others were suspected of violating the intelligence work law by divulging or delivering information related to intelligence sources, channels or organizations, as well as the identity, operation or communication security control of relevant intelligence personnel and intelligence assistants.

Many netizens in Taiwan commented on the small actions of the DPP authorities, saying that they were simply beating their own children to show others.

Some people left a message: both sides of the Strait are catching spies, but they are all Taiwanese. Its really bad luck.

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It is worth noting that the report of United News Network also related the incident to the Taiwan spy case announced by the mainland side not long ago. It said that CCTVs focus interview program has published a number of Taiwan spy cases for several consecutive days since October 11, which has attracted the attention of the military intelligence agency, the most mysterious intelligence agency in Taiwans defense department.

With regard to the four Taiwan spy cases exposed by CCTV in recent days, Taiwans Mainland Affairs Committee has repeatedly spread false statements and accused the mainland without any reason. In response to the inquiry on October 16, Zhu Fenglian, a spokesman for the state Taiwan Affairs Office, said that the criminal facts of the Taiwan spy case involved in the thunder-2020 special operation were clear and the evidence was accurate and sufficient. The mainland Committee knows that the so-called frame up the people of Taiwan is a total distortion of the facts and has a ghost in mind.

Zhu Fenglian stressed that facts are better than sophistry. The DPP authorities should stop political manipulation, stop intelligence infiltration and sabotage activities against the mainland, and do not go further and further along the wrong road.

Taiwan media confessed: we have a secret

Recently, the Taiwan authorities have staged a trick of the thief shouts to catch the thief.

Maybe we all saw it yesterday. Xiao Rui would like to make a brief review here:

On the same day, the islands media reports showed a different scene: the public opinion hyped the diplomats of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji to hard break the so-called Taiwan Representative Office in Fiji activity site, and started to beat people, causing injuries to Taiwan personnel.

It did not let the rumors made by the Taiwan media spread for too long. The statement issued by the Chinese Embassy in Fiji on the afternoon of the 19th quickly restored the original situation.

The statement pointed out: the fact is that the Taipei business office in Fiji openly held the so-called Double Tenth National Day in public on October 8. These actions not only seriously violate the one China principle, but also violate the relevant regulations of the Fijian government on the activities of Taiwan institutions. This move is intended to create one China, one Taiwan situation. On that night, Taiwan officials launched verbal provocation and physical conflict against Chinese embassy staff who were performing their official duties in the public area of the same hotel, resulting in physical injury and material damage to a Chinese diplomat. The Chinese Embassy in Fiji has expressed its serious concern to the Fijian side over the above incident and asked the Fijian police to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and to hold Taiwan personnel accountable according to law.

Wu zhaoxie (photo source: Zhongshi News Network)

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on the 19th that Taiwan does not have any so-called diplomats in Fiji. The Fijian government has long adhered to the correct position of the one China principle, and in 2019 ordered Taiwans business institutions in Fiji not to use the false name of Taiwan and not to engage in one China, one Taiwan or two Chinas on the territory of Fiji.

Whats more strange is that it has happened for more than 10 days. After the foreign media reported that, Wu zhaoxie and other people came forward and yelled at get justice. Why did they go?

Taiwan media also have doubts about this. Taiwans United Daily News website pointed out that the Fijian police only received a report from the Chinese embassy. If it was not reported by foreign media, the people on the island might not have known about it. What are the DPP authorities worried about?

We have a secret to hide -- the United Daily concluded.

First cover up, then the thief yelled to catch the thief, the DPP authorities showed the ruthlessness, and Wu zhaoxies performance after the exposure of the incident was also ridiculed by some netizens in the island.

Some Taiwanese netizens recalled that in late September, a Taiwanese fishing boat was rammed by a patrol boat of the Japanese maritime security agency while working in the waters around the Diaoyu Island. At that time, the Taiwan authorities were quite different.

At that time, Taiwanese fishermen were very angry and said, can Japanese bully us at will? They appealed to the Taiwan authorities to speak up. However, the Taiwan authorities did not immediately protest, and the response of some officials was also regarded as soft lying. When someone questioned Wu zhaoxies cringe attitude towards Japan, Wu only said, Im not afraid. Please use a better adjective.

In contrast, the two faces of Taiwans foreign affairs department are also highlighted. Many netizens also took the opportunity of Wu zhaoxies tough mouth to bring up the old story again, hoping that he might as well seek justice for Taiwans fishermen.

Yes, its not fair to ask for justice. On the contrary, they only know to stir up trouble against the mainland. This trick of the Taiwan authorities cant deceive people. (by Tang Lixin)