IPhone 12 / 12 Pro evaluation: delicious! Experience the storm after 5g + A14 blessing

 IPhone 12 / 12 Pro evaluation: delicious! Experience the storm after 5g + A14 blessing

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[Marvel technology] iPhone 12 / 12pro evaluation: the light of products in the cook era (source: original)

The launch of the iPhone 12 once again became the carnival of scalpers, which indicated the strong demand of the market and the strong enthusiasm of users to change their phones. It seems that the iPhone12 series that is difficult to escape and make complaints about it is still the true fragrance law. So how fragrant is the iPhone 12 series? Netease mobile phone easy comment machine column has the first time to get the 6.1 inch blue iPhone 12 and the sea blue iPhone 12 pro (both new colors this years main color). Lets have a deep experience together.

Long before the release of the iPhone 12 series, many people speculated that the iPhone 12 would be the design of the iPhone 4 series in their dreams. But when you see the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro for the first time, there is a sense of crossing. The square and strong design style and sharp edges and corners make you feel no shadow of the previous generation of iPhone, and all you think about is the iPhone 4 series.

The drawback is the lack of high refresh rate. To be honest, if you have experienced products with high refresh rate screens, including new iPad Pro products, when you slide the screens of two new models, you will definitely feel the drag of icon elements on the screen. However, if you focus on the iPhone, you wont be disappointed. Thanks to the smooth motion of IOS 14, the sliding feedback of the screen will still give you good feedback. In addition, there are still a small number of games and applications that support high refresh rate. Therefore, it is acceptable to replace the lack of high refresh rate for a relatively reliable service life. Maybe apple is pursuing this kind of experience balance.

Here is another point to be explained. According to the parameters on the official website, the typical maximum brightness values of iphone12 and iphone12pro are different. IPhone 12 is 625nit, while iphone12pro is 800nit. However, from the actual screen effect, daily use will not make you feel any difference, even if you adjust the screen brightness of the two mobile phones to the highest, and compare them together.

Back to the appearance design, if you want to buy the iPhone 12 series, you should look carefully. There is no difference between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 pro from the positive side. On the back, the back of the iPhone 12 is covered with mirror glass, while the iPhone 12 Pro uses the same frosted fog glass as the previous iPhone 11 Pro Series. As for the handle, due to the return to the strong style design of the iPhone 4, the friends who have been used to the mellow iPhone body for so many years have just started. They may feel a little awkward and can obviously feel a little bit harsh.

In comparison, I prefer the iPhone 12 with mirror glass back. First of all, the 162g weight of the iPhone 12 is much lighter than the 187G weight of the iPhone 12pro. Second, the smooth texture of the mirror glass back plate is more dazzling than the frosted texture of the iPhone 12pro, but the disadvantage is that it is easier to get fingerprints. However, the surgical grade stainless steel frame of the iPhone 12pro is more quality than the aviation grade aluminum frame of the 12, which seems to reflect the weight difference of 25g between the two.

Of course, radishes and vegetables have their own preferences, and the different texture of the hand is different after all. You can go to the apple store to experience it.

In other details, except for the camera area, system RAM, glass back panel material and middle frame material, the iPhone 12 has no difference from the iPhone 12 pro in other details. It is still a familiar lightning interface. By the way, this time, all the glass backbones of iPhone 12 series are equipped with super ceramic crystal panel technology newly developed by apple and Corning company. According to the official report, the falling resistance is increased by 4 times compared with the previous generation. However, this can only be perceived by subsequent users own measurement. Im sorry that we cant conduct the actual drop test for the time being.

As long as the release of new iPhone products, there will be voices of decline, but this does not affect the sales of each new generation of iPhone. Even if the iPhone 11 was sung down after its release last year, it does not affect the excellent performance of this model, which has been ranked first in the list of best-selling mobile phones for three consecutive quarters.

Apples self-confidence mainly comes from software ecology and self-developed A-Series chips, which are exactly what most other mobile phone manufacturers do not have. As apple commented on its chips at the press conference: when our competitors are still catching up with our chip level last year, we are still several generations ahead. This time, A14 chip is no exception, it is also far away from the opponent.

A14 bionic processor adopts the latest 5nm process technology and integrates 11.8 billion transistors internally, which greatly improves the performance and energy efficiency. The new 6-core CPU has four energy-efficient cores and two high-performance cores, and its running speed is 40% higher than that of a12z, and the speed of 4-core graphics processor is 30% higher than that of a12z.

The A14 bionic processor also has a new generation of 16 core neural network engine designed by apple, which can process 11 trillion operations per second, thus improving the machine learning performance by 70%. The machine learning accelerator makes the computing speed up to 10 times, and improves the performance of various machine learning applications to a new level. A14 bionic processor can handle the most severe application requirements, making it easier for users to edit 4K video, create more gorgeous works, and play large immersive games.

As the core hardware of smart phones, the success and strong performance of apple a series chips support the smooth and efficient basis of IOS system, and even the seamless ecological experience of the whole apple software and hardware.

In addition to the regular upgrade of hardware itself, 5g is also the core concern of the iPhone 12 series. Especially with the rapid development of 5g in China, the first iPhone supporting 5g naturally becomes the most expected upgrade point for many people. I believe this is also the core driving force that can stimulate the old iPhone to update and upgrade the iPhone 12 series.

Actual test stage (user identity: intuitive feeling of signal strength, non professional instrument test)

(standard specifications supported by iPhone 12 / 12pro)

According to the information released on Apples official website, there will be two network versions of the iPhone 12 Series in the United States. In addition to millimeter wave, the 5gnr sub-6g band also supports the 5gnr band N1, N2, N3, N5, N7, N8, N12, N20, N25, n28, N38, N40, n41, n66, n77, N78, N79, a total of 17 bands.

(there are three options for data selection: enable 5g, auto 5g, and 4G; at the same time, the optional data modes in 5g mode are: allow more data, standard and low data mode in 5g mode)

In the actual test, in order to test whether the signal is improved or not, the 4G mode test is selected first. The test was carried out in the outdoor environment, elevator, garage and the place with poor signal when using iPhone 11 pro.

4G part: iPhone 11 Pro vs. iPhone 12 / 12 Pro

(underground garage)

When using the iPhone 11 pro, the signal is not good

(company lobby)

(the famous crossroads of the Internet)

Brief comment: 4G part is better than iPhone 11pro in general (except for non signal location), but there will be some areas with the same signal reception level.

5g part:

Actually, as long as there is 5g signal in the area, the iPhone 12 will be displayed in the signal bar, and the actual speed depends on the deployment of nearby base stations.

In addition to supporting 5g, the signal performance of the new iPhone 12 series is indeed greatly improved compared with that of the previous generation. In addition to the baseband upgrade, Apples antenna system for the iPhone 12 series is also comprehensively optimized at the design level to maximize the signal performance. After all, because of Intels baseband chip, the poor signal performance of iphonexs series and iPhone 11 series under special circumstances really made many users suffer. This time, they were finally relieved.

Similar to the strategy of domestic mobile phone manufacturers that enter the 5g track faster, Apple launched four new iPhones in order to cover 5g users as much as possible. On the whole, apple is really fighting this time. It supports 17 5gnr, which is the 5g mobile phone with the most frequency band in the world. Moreover, the US version also supports 5g millimeter wave technology.

Tip: in the past two days, the U.S. operators also said that the iPhone 12 series will appear after two 5g SIM cards are built in, only 4G. After the actual test and communication with apple, the current BOC version does not have this problem, and 5g is still normal.

There is no doubt that the new iphone12 series are equipped with a new ios14 system (version number: ios14.1). Since it is not the first launch of ios14, I believe you will not be too unfamiliar with it. Here I will mainly talk about the performance of ios14 in the iPhone 12 series.

Although ios14 is also very good in the iPhone 11, there are still some differences in fluency between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 pro. This difference is especially obvious in the process of fast sliding. Maybe this is due to A14.

In terms of functionality, due to the new features added to ios14, we can also use component functions to drag components to the main screen by using the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro, and at the same time, we can intelligently stack the components, and automatically display the relevant applications according to the time of the day.

The picture in picture function can also be well supported by the iPhone 12 series. In the supported video applications, the picture in picture function can be easily turned on. In the process of experience, there is no bug in full screen zooming. In iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro, you can also automatically organize applications into new groups and lists. With the help of the app repository view, you can easily hide the application on the home screen, and also can intelligently group the applications.

The new Siri is probably the most commonly used feature for many people. In iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro, you can no longer tolerate full screen Siri view. Its direct benefit is that you can view information more easily. Thanks to the processing power of A14, the neural network engine of the dictation function of Siri keyboard can play a greater role, and the conversion efficiency is also higher.

After a period of experience, whether its chatting, playing games or taking photos, the performance of ios14 under the iPhone 12 series makes people cant find out any problems, and there is no jam. By convention, this is a privilege unique to the new machine, and if you want to have such a smooth experience, the iPhone 11 series may not be completely satisfactory to you.

The number of rear lens sets of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro are the same as those of the previous generation, and they are still 12 megapixel dual and triple camera configurations. The main hardware upgrade is that the aperture at the wide-angle end is increased from F / 1.8 to f / 1.6, and the number of mirror sets is also upgraded to seven, which improves the optical performance. Also, the iPhone 12 Pro has a new lidar scanner sensor.

IPhone 12 ultra wide angle sample

The most obvious is the night mode at the ultra wide angle. The iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro have the same excellent pure sample, and the picture details are rich. In contrast, the iPhone 11 promax sample, which can not be read for a long time, has been pressed on the ground for various kinds of friction.

Left: iPhone 11 promax: iPhone 12 right: iPhone 12 Pro

Even if the night mode is not activated, the details of the ultra wide-angle sample of the two models of the iPhone 12 are still better than that of the iPhone 11 promax. Pay attention to the texture of the pebbles and make a high judgment. The following sample is also the same, soft board and plush toy details, the iPhone 12 series ultra wide angle end advantage is very obvious.

IPhone 12 Pro sample

It should be mentioned here that the iPhone 12 series can be used to correct the distortion of the pictures on the ultra wide angle side. Pay attention to the edges of this sample. The frame edge of the iPhone 12 Pro is obviously more straight than the iPhone 11 promax. Of course, you can choose to turn off this option to achieve a more exaggerated effect or adjust it later.

Then lets talk about the upgrade point under the condition of abundant light, mainly in the aspect of HDR.

IPhone 12 sample

The tree trunk in the lower left corner above: iPhone 11 promax right: iPhone 12

In the extreme high light ratio environment such as the sun, the dark part series of the two models of the iPhone 12 is obviously better than that of the iPhone 11 promax, but the difference is not very obvious, which needs to be enlarged and enlarged.

IPhone 11 promax demo

IPhone 12 Pro sample

In addition, the dynamic range of the iPhone 12 series is still much better than that of the iPhone 11 promax. For example, in this lamp scene, the sample sheet of the iPhone 12 Pro ensures that the lampshade is not exposed, and achieves better dark contrast and details. Pay attention to the texture and bulge of the wallpaper feathers. The performance of the iPhone 12 Pro is very close to the state seen by the naked eye. The new algorithm is very powerful. Whats more, it can Not only is iPhone12Pro as like as two peas, but iPhone12s performance is almost exactly the same.

The video capture cant map the high dynamic of Dolbys view. The above image is remade from the screen left: iPhone 11 promax right: iPhone 12

Scene recognition of iPhone 12 sample

Scene recognition of iPhone 12 sample

In terms of overall style, it can be observed that the color performance of the iPhone 12 is more restrained than that of the iPhone 11 Pro Series, and the saturation is lower in many cases. In addition, intelligent scene optimization has been added to the iPhone 12 series this time, but it is difficult for us to find out the rule of its judgment logic. Some samples will add saturation and sharpness appropriately and increase the dark part exposure. In addition, scene optimization can not be seen in many environments, and it needs more tests.

Finally, I pulled out the iPhone 12 Pro for a chat. Of course, the reason is that it has more telephoto lens than the iPhone 12 and a lidar scanner sensor. The embodiment of the cooperation of the two powers mainly lies in the portrait mode at night.

IPhone 12 Pro portrait mode

With lidar ranging, the iPhone 12pro can peel off the main body very accurately in the night portrait mode. Pay attention to the mobile phone in the picture, which is very clear in the sample of the iPhone 12pro, while the iPhone 11 promax has been blurred. At the same time, the texture of the iPhone 12 Pro sample is better, and the virtual level is more natural.

In full illumination, the portrait mode of the iPhone 12 Pro seems less amazing than the previous generation. It can be said that the more responsible the lighting and low illumination environment, the better the iPhone 12 Pro portrait experience, and this is also the most important point that the iPhone 12 Pro imaging system is better than the iPhone 12.

In a word, with the powerful support of the new A14 bionic chip, the imaging systems of iphone12 and iphone12pro can erase the short board and realize all-round upgrading. Even between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 pro, there are only 60 FPS Dolby horizons and a telephoto portrait mode.

As for battery life, first of all, lets talk about the battery life information released by iphone12 and iphone12pro on the official website (the actual battery capacity will not be indicated officially), while the iPhone 12pro (17 hours) is reduced by 1 hour compared with the iPhone 11 pro (18 hours); the iPhone 12 is the same as the iPhone 11, and the video playback time is as long as 17 hours.

Of course, the actual battery capacity also needs to be disassembled before specific data can be obtained. Foreign media have also disclosed the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 series: the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 series is 2815 MAH, and the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro is 2775 MAH. For comparison, the iPhone 11 is 3110 MAH, and the iPhone 11 Pro is 3046 MAH.

Overall, considering the design level, especially the thickness of the fuselage needs to be controlled at 7.4mm, the battery capacity of the two mobile phones has been slightly reduced compared with the previous generation, but A14 bionic processor and OLED display will improve the battery efficiency, which may be the real fish and bears paw cant have both.

MagSafe wireless charging technology

After some time away from the mainstream adapter, MagSafe came to you with a new attitude. This time, it lights up the iPhone 12 series. In the magnetic suction design, MagSafe components are composed of many different components, including magnetometer, shielding layer, magnetic ring and NFC coil. The data shows that the maximum power of wireless charging can reach 15W with MagSafe magnetic suction accessories.

The 20W usb-c charging head is also tested. The test results are as follows:

For iPhone 12 and iphone12pro, half an hour game endurance test was conducted. The kings glory, wild drag racing 9 and peace elite were selected. Chicken eating and King eating were the highest picture quality and brightness, while wild racing was 30 frames without high pictures. The test results are as follows:

Brief comment: Although the iPhone 12s endurance performance this time can only be regarded as a medium level, it is necessary to charge it once a day if it is used with high intensity. However, Apples charging accessories, especially the wireless charging experience, have been greatly improved by combining with MagSafe technology.

Looking back at the process of each new iPhone release, the most important thing for users is how the appearance will change. What really needs more attention is the significant changes of the iPhone in the communication era nodes. If the iPhone x is a new subversion from the appearance, making the iPhone product line enter the full screen era belonging to apple, then the iPhone 12 will lead the future iPhone production The product line has entered the 5g era of focusing on experience.

There is every reason to believe that the iPhone 12 will be the node of the 5g era. Apples most important start is to eliminate the so-called 4G cheap model strategy of domestic manufacturers, and the whole series of iPhone 12 have joined 5g. This is also a signal that Apple thinks 5g is gradually mature. If we have to predict the sales of iPhone 12, let alone foreign countries, it is only the degree of hot appointment on the domestic e-commerce platform and Apples official website on the day of appointment. The iPhone 12 series is bound to be the most popular flagship mobile phone in the second half of 2020.

At the end:

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