During their internship in University, they reported safety to their families the night before they committed suicide by burning charcoal

 During their internship in University, they reported safety to their families the night before they committed suicide by burning charcoal

If you grow up to such a big age, youll be gone. Why do they commit suicide? They are still students at school! The internship unit is connected with the school, and a labor service company emerges in the middle. Dont they have the management responsibility? Now all parties are shirking responsibility! On October 20, Mr. Chen, the father of the boy who committed suicide, told Ziniu news reporter of Yangzi Evening News.

Suicide by burning charcoal in couple Hotel

They were found three days later

Photo of accident girl Xiao Xue

Mr. Wang, the uncle of the girl Xiaoxue, said that on October 10, the parents suddenly received a strange phone call. The other party said that they were from Nanjing Jinghuang labor service company, and told the parents that Xiao Chen and Xiao Xue had died in a hotel near the factory on the evening of 6 June. The labor service company, because there was no head teachers telephone, hoped to contact the school through his family members. At first, the parents thought it was a telephone fraud, but later they contacted the school for inquiry. The school reply was a bit hesitant, saying that the two students were suspected to be missing, and the others were not clear.

Photos of accident boy Xiao Chen

Chen Qixiong, Xiao Chens father, told Ziniu news that his son had called home from October 2 to 5 to report safety and talk about work and life. He said that he should not worry about him. At that time, he did not realize that he had any suicidal tendency.

On the evening of October 10, parents of two students from different townships of the same county went to the internship factory of Xiaoxue and Xiaochen. It was confirmed from the police station that both children were dead. Mr. Chen said that at that time, the police orally informed that after forensic examination, the two peoples blood carbon and oxygen concentration was very high, belonging to carbon monoxide poisoning. Two students committed suicide by burning charcoal in the guest room, which is not a criminal case. Xiao Xues uncle, Mr. Wang, told reporters that from the monitoring and hotel registration, they checked in on October 6, when they reserved for three days. After checking in on the same day on the 6th, they also entered and went into the hotel many times, but they never came out again after 11 oclock at night. After the scheduled room expired, the hotel found that the room was abnormal and asked for the lock. A man and a woman were found dead in the room, and the police were called on the same day.

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Direct connection between schools and enterprises

A labor service company emerged in the middle

It is understood that the incident also involved a labor company in Nanjing, namely Nanjing Jinghuang Human Resources Co., Ltd. In this regard, the parents of the two students have been puzzled. The school teacher said that it was an agreement signed with the factory. How could a labor company come out? Later, it was learned that this group of students were transported to CLP panda through the cooperation between the school and the intermediary company. Lanzhou Petrochemical Vocational and technical college found a local agency in Lanzhou, which found Nanjing Jinghuang Human Resources Co., Ltd.

The reporter learned from the tianyancha search that Nanjing Jinghuang Human Resources Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, and its main business scope is the collection, collation, storage, release and consulting service of talent supply and demand information, network service of talent information, talent training, labor dispatch operation (operating according to the scope listed in the license), and human resource outsourcing service.

Chen Qixiong, Xiao Chens father, told Ziniu news reporter of Yangzi Evening News that in July this year, his son was arranged by Lanzhou Petrochemical Vocational and technical college to work in a company under Nanjing CLP panda. At that time, their parents were told that this was a post practice. But later learned that there is no internship, they just go to work. He believes that if it is a post practice, teachers should follow the guidance of interns and manage them accordingly.

On the evening of October 20, Ziniu news reporter of Yangzi Evening News contacted a teacher of Lanzhou Petrochemical Vocational and technical college. As for the latest progress of this matter, the teacher kept silent and always stressed that the school has a special department to connect with the media. If you have any questions, you can directly consult the Department. Then the teacher hung up directly.

Family hopes

In Xiao Xues Uncle Wangs opinion, niece Xiao Xue is 20 years old, in the mood for love, and is a student in school. She committed suicide during her internship in the factory. Both the school and the factory have an unshirkable responsibility. He said that during this period, the family members contacted the school and the factory respectively, but failed until the 12th. The school said that it had entrusted the management of the students to the factory, and the factory should be responsible for the payment of wages to the students.. Then the parents went to the factory, but were refused reception by the staff. Mr. Wang also told reporters that the families of the two children in Jingyuan County were poor households who had established files and registered cards. They had no relevant units to receive them in Nanjing, and they had no financial ability. So they returned to Lanzhou five days later.

On the 20th, Chen Qixiong told Ziniu news reporter that he went back to Lanzhou to negotiate with the school, but the school staff said that the school was not responsible and could compensate him for 20000 yuan in line with the humanitarian principle. My son is gone, can I take the 20000 yuan back? I still have a lot of confusion. The school and the factory are playing football Chen Qixiong said that he had another talk with the school on the 20th, but the attitude of the school was still the same. He thought the school was shirking its responsibility.

In order to understand the background of the internship, on the afternoon of October 20, the reporter came to No. 92 Taixin Road, Qixia District. According to the navigation tips, this should be the office location of Nanjing Jinghuang Human Resources Co., Ltd. In this courtyard, there are various signboards in the scattered front rooms, but there is no such words as Jinghuang manpower. A shopkeeper told reporters that there were a lot of labor companies here before, but they all moved to the front of the new residential front room not far away. Later, the reporter came to the new community, and found many signs of labor companies, but still did not find Nanjing Jinghuang Human Resources Co., Ltd. A staff member of a labor service company that opened a shop here said that she knew Jinghuang labor, but had moved out from No. 92, Taixin Road, and now she does not know the specific office address.

Family response: should not

It is said that the reason for the two peoples suicide may be that they cant afford the Internet loan. It is said that there is a wallet in the clothes of the boy Chen, in which the words Im very tired and I cant see hope are written in it.

In this regard, the father of Xiao Chen, a boy in trouble, said that as far as he knew, his son did not borrow an online loan, but the girl might have borrowed it, but he did not know. Mr. Wang, Xiao Xues uncle, told Ziniu news: before the accident, we didnt know that they were lovers, but now we know its a couple relationship. But judging from all kinds of signs, it cant be because of emotional problems. Although I heard that they have online loans, the number is not large, so they will not commit suicide for this matter!

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }During their internship in University, the suspected Department of death committed suicide. Source: Ziniu news editor: Yang Qiang_ NN6027

Death of couple during internship