When autumn comes, the wind is still warm

 When autumn comes, the wind is still warm

Nostalgia in the vein of a flower, listen, wind, swallow; see, rain, blurred. In fact, life is not perfect, a simple and quiet life is the happiness of the world.

I always feel that autumn belongs to the affectionate, sunset, after dusk, a cup of tea to drink a couple, the bottom of my heart is no different, only the people in front of me. Sun shadow, moonlight, cool wind, light rain, properly intertwined with time, there is a sea in my heart, living with you and autumn.

Quiet, picking a flower, listening to the wind of the soft string climbed over the time of the vine, all the good, uninvited. Autumn, more like a song, quiet or lively, vicissitudes of life or innocence, in a que music chanted into a song without regret.

Read, the breeze whispered, read again, heavy smoke. Even if silent, even if the mountains and rivers do old, also quiet, also clear, or good!

When the mind through the memory of the classics, we meet in a word, a word next to a word, each other smile, each other.

Such beauty, it seems through the misty rain will see the appearance of the first encounter. If so, I would like to draw a prison for you in this life, even if it is a story without results.

A thought like this, the sun is soft and beautiful. Drink with time, sleep with years. Just because the world is its own, nothing to do with it.

Sitting still, in a wisp of autumn sun, looking at the time, the memory engraved on the veins, the inner light is the best praise for the years.

When the cascade of green dye drunk autumn, when a note awakened the sleeping heart, time above, outside the time, everything is in the quiet center. The autumn wind is curling, and the waves of Dongting are under the leaves. Its autumn again. Its the hope, the harvest, the heart beating, and the best reflection of mountains and rivers.

When autumn comes, the wind will still be warm, people will remain the same as before!



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