Women in this life, after marriage, can ferry you, only yourself

 Women in this life, after marriage, can ferry you, only yourself

Smart women know to leave a sky for themselves, not attached to anyone, no one can expect, dont put all hope on men.

Before marriage, and in the first few years after marriage, I was more competent than my husband, with higher salary and more knowledge than my husband.

With children, I adjusted my positioning. In addition to being a qualified workplace employee, I also want to be a good novice mother role. I want to accompany my child to learn and grow up, and not miss every stage of her life.

After Dabao was born, our life order has not been disturbed because of the savings of previous years.

Later, we had a second child. His parents were illiterate and couldnt help share.

I had no choice but to negotiate with my husband and decided that I would resign and take two children.

After I became a full-time wife, I realized that it was not easy to take care of the housework and children at the same time. I was often too busy.

In the past three years, I took two children with me. I thought it was natural for us to be such a partner. I thought he would be grateful for my dedication and sacrifice.

However, a friend in need, I am not in good health, after the hospital examination of the bad results, my heart, all of a sudden panic, the doctor advised me to prepare money for surgery, do not drag too long.

He said that I havent worked for several years. I eat him and drink him every day. I have no money to treat me.

See him so heartless, I put forward a divorce, he laughed at me: you such a woman, can only take care of children, nothing, divorce will not be easy!

Finish saying, also sneer mend knife: dont forget, you have not worked for 3 years, now you, even if looking for a job again, the salary is the same as an intern at most!

I never thought that the one I loved the most was the one who hurt me the most. Knowing what I was afraid of and what I cared about, I was stabbed in my heart.

I didnt know until after the divorce that he hated me for being out of shape after giving birth to a child, and then he fell in love with young female colleagues in the company and kept it from me.

A man doesnt want to pay for his marriage, and he doesnt take the initiative to ask for a divorce. The only reason is that he feels that he can control two women, and he can be comfortable between two women. He has decided that the woman in his family will never divorce him.

As for the money for my operation, it was my good friend who raised it together with my parents and gave it to me.

Lying in the hospital, looking at the white wall above my head, I felt scared.

I left the workplace for three years, wholeheartedly with my baby, sacrificing the golden age of my career. Unexpectedly, I met a white eyed wolf, and the more I thought about it, the more I regretted it.

Perhaps, I should not be reduced to the present situation.

I got part of the common property of the husband and wife when I divorced the scum man. I took the money and went back to my mothers home and my parents.

In order to return to the workplace, I planned myself again. First, I took out a sum of money and hired an aunt to help me with my baby. There were my parents watching the children at home. But after all, they were too old to take care of the children. So, I found an aunt to help share with me, which can reduce my own worries.

When I was still working in the company, I got a lot of salary. However, I have been separated from the company for several years. It is impossible to get my previous salary back. I dont know what job to look for.

After pondering for a few days, I took the initiative to call the company where I left last and asked if there was a suitable job for me. Even if the salary was less, I would try my best.

Maybe its the road to heaven. The character and reputation Ive accumulated before seems to have won me an opportunity.

At a time when I felt particularly desperate, my former employer gave me an opportunity to throw an olive branch to me.

My former leader sent an invitation to me, saying that he welcomed me home and hoped to work together.

Salary in a short period of time naturally can not reach my previous level, but, the company said: as long as you enter the state, salary will still be adjusted, rest assured, the company will remember your pay.

A few words gave me a lot of confidence, those lost in the marriage of the sense of achievement, I in the divorce, little by little back.

Still want to strive to become an independent woman, both in spirit and in life.

Just like Yi Shus the first half of my life, a woman who becomes a full-time wife and lives an upward hand life is eventually abandoned by her husband. It is also suggested that female readers should take time to read this book.

Others can not rely on, can rely on, only their own, to achieve economic independence, it is possible to calmly face the unstable marriage, and even have the ability to refuse marriage.

Here, I also want to remind all female friends not to regard marriage as an indicator of success or failure in life.

In todays society, marriage is only one aspect of womens life, even no longer the purpose and ownership of womens love relationship.

There are many fulcrums in life. Smart women should understand that it is a very dangerous investment to put all the weight of life in love, marriage or family.

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