Eggshell apartment in troubled times: CEO Gao Jing is investigated and coo Gu Guodong leaves

 Eggshell apartment in troubled times: CEO Gao Jing is investigated and coo Gu Guodong leaves

Gu Guodong was entrusted with an important task by eggshell apartment. Gao Jing once said that Gu Guodong has rich business management experience, excellent business insight and excellent team leadership. In addition, Gu Guodong has a deep understanding of the Internet industry and a full understanding of the market and user needs, so he is the best candidate for comprehensive operation and management of eggshell apartment. Gu Guodongs joining will promote eggshell apartment to fully open a high-level development stage of refined operation and management, and help eggshell apartment to become a benchmark enterprise in the housing rental industry.

In June this year, Gao Jing, founder and CEO of eggshell apartment, was investigated by relevant departments. Subsequently, the company changed its command urgently. The board of directors of the company has appointed Cui Yan, co-founder, director and President, as temporary CEO.

Subsequently, in October this year, eggshell apartment reported that the company had run out of financial affairs and went bankrupt. In response to the official microblog of eggshell apartment, some of its partners recently took drastic actions due to commercial disputes with the company. The company has called the police to deal with the false remarks, videos and pictures about eggshell running away and going bankrupt. At present, eggshell apartment business activities are normal, at the same time, we are actively dealing with disputes.

Yan Yuejin, a well-known real estate analyst, told reporters that in fact, there has been a storm in eggshell apartments recently, especially the resignation of a similar chief operating officer. How much need such enterprises to reflect, because this itself shows that there is pressure on the operation of enterprises.

In Yan Yuejins opinion, generally speaking, from the role of listed companies, there is no saying of running away or going bankrupt. However, similar speculation also shows that the long-term rental apartment market is indeed relatively fragile, and it is easy for the outside to associate various recent road running events. It also shows that the business stability of enterprises is still facing a lot of uncertainties.

In fact, it does not mean that the operating performance of the enterprise is better when the operation is high, or the operating performance is weak. Yan Yuejin said that the main or direct problem is that the house is entrusted. For such houses in the future, whether similar trusteeship needs to be more standardized, and how to reduce the cost of long-term rental apartment enterprises needs to be studied. However, it is difficult to make profit because of the low dependence of rental demand on the long-term apartment itself.

Eggshell apartment was established in 2015, and the c-round financing of US $500 million was completed in March 2019. In May of the same year, Hu Runxin discovered the list of unicorns and chose to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in January 2020.

However, the financial report data shows that the revenue of eggshell apartment from 2017 to 2019 is 657 million yuan, 2.675 billion yuan and 7.129 billion yuan respectively, and the losses are 272 million yuan, 1.37 billion yuan and 3.447 billion yuan respectively.

Reporter of Chen Qiu Economic Observer