Jiangxi girl killed by her fiance with a knife of 70: those who advise you not to accept betrothal gifts are harming you!

 Jiangxi girl killed by her fiance with a knife of 70: those who advise you not to accept betrothal gifts are harming you!

But as soon as it is stained with money, it will change its flavor, and even be forced into a money transaction by some people.

There is nothing wrong with betrothal gifts, but to ask for them by force is to seek wealth and murder!


Even if I return the betrothal, I will kill her too!

Jiangxi, the legendary disaster area of sky high price betrothal gifts.

The girl had more than 70 knives and was chopped to death by her fiance.

Looking back at the whole tragedy, you can see that this young man and woman did not get to this point.

Ye ye, the victim, is an ordinary peasant girl.

In the eyes of big cities, people in their 20s are just the beginning of their life, but in the relatively traditional rural areas, this age is already the time to have to get married.

After 22 days, they went through blind date, seeing each other and getting engaged. They changed from strangers to nominal couples.

Although the two have no feelings, Xu Jun spent more than 400000 to get engaged.

Such skyrocketing expenditure is unimaginable for ordinary farming families like Xu Jun.

The supermarket opened by Xu family downstairs

The key problem is that in the matchmakers mouth, it is easy for Xu Juns family to take out the money, and even there are hundreds of thousands of savings in the family.

Therefore, when ye ye ye finds out the truth, the marriage, which has no emotional basis, is in imminent danger.

According to local customs, the man and woman after engagement are already husband and wife. They should live together in the mans house.

But ye ye quickly went back to her mothers home, repeatedly said that he was cheated and was ready to retire.

As for the betrothal money received before, ye ye also plans to refund 320000, which is also the cash received.

Ye Yes chat record, called total feeling wrong

However, Xu Juns family did not agree. They thought that, including all the expenses of dining and buying a car, more than 400000 yuan was wasted.

On the one hand, the families of both sides also fantasized that the couple could get back together.

On the other hand, no one noticed that Xu Juns heart had moved to kill.

Even if I pay off the betrothal, I will kill her too!

Unfortunately, time can not be reversed, at that time the Ye family did not find the idea of the son-in-law to be.

From February to April, the couple, who should have been officially certified, remained silent.

And all of this, ended on April 12, 2019, Xu Jun targeted his daughter-in-law without warning.

According to the description of forensic medicine, more than 70 knives have been cut, and the head and body are almost separated.

The murder occurred in YeYes room on the second floor

We have no way to know, what kind of deep hatred, will make such a cruel act.

But in the straw that crushed Xu Juns psychological defense line, there must be a high price betrothal gift.


In recent years, Xu Jun and ye ye are not the only ones who have been ruined by the price of betrothal gifts.

Before the national day, a video of a man beating his girlfriend on the street spread all over the network.

Just as all the people who saw the title were ready to scold the man, the content of the video was silent.

He and his girlfriend, have two years of good feelings, this came to the stage of marriage, but when the woman mentioned the betrothal gifts, everything suddenly stopped.

At first, the woman asked to buy a house of 1.5 million yuan. The young man bit his teeth, emptied his parents savings and bought it.

How can this be achieved? I cant get the betrothal, even the house is flying.

As a result, she did not want to break up, and did not want to lower the standard of betrothal gifts.

The young man didnt agree, so he was beaten up on the unit for three times and four times.

As a bystander, I just want to ask a question after sighing:

Why once deeply loved people, but finally to the eyes of only money?

Another young mans life, however, fell into an endless abyss because of the word betrothal gift.

Because of the betrothal gifts, he lost his unborn child, his congenial girlfriend, and finally his own mother.

The man, surnamed Fu, was drunk and remembered that he had planned to marry his pregnant girlfriend, but his mother refused to accept the bride price.

As a result, the woman beat the child out.

Finally, his mother died, and he was caught on the way.

How many people, because of the sky high price betrothal gifts, have been forced to break their homes and die.

The amount of betrothal gifts is expanding in peoples abnormal desire for comparison and greed.

In the end, its only the newcomers themselves who suffer.


Why do I still advise you to accept betrothal gifts

Although the high price betrothal gifts have repeatedly become the driving force behind the tragedy,

However, you should be clear: the sky high betrothal gifts and betrothal gifts are absolutely not the same thing.

There is a mistake in the price of betrothal gifts;

Betrothal, no mistake.

Betrothal gifts cant be absent, and may even become the foundation for the later half of life.

The writer Ye Qingcheng explained the existence of betrothal gifts in this way

The betrothal gift is a kind of maternity insurance, disease insurance and low salary insurance in marriage for most normal families. To put it bluntly, it is for couples, especially women, to resist the various crises of childbirth, disease and emotional discord.

When a woman does not have enough wealth, once she encounters a change in her marriage, it may be that she has no money and no money.

A pregnant woman who is about to give birth is betrayed by her husband.

In this case, where should she go?

But the reality is often unsatisfactory.

Theres a question: why do men always want to have children when they dont think of betrothal gifts?

The answer of the netizen @ Huangshan Village can be said to be extremely stinky.

He had a calculating look

The implication is that it doesnt take so much money to ask for a gun, a housekeeper or a surrogate child. Why should a bride be given a betrothal gift? Men get married at a loss.

His every account, let people feel that women have been calculated, exploited clearly!

The most terrible fact of marriage is that you think you have found a life to rely on, who knows that the other party is just a wolf in human skin.

Before, the topic of what difficulties do grassroots women easily have in marriage has become a hot topic.

Blogger @ linglingdaren describes the situation of ordinary women vividly and cruelly in the video.

These invisible investments are not recognized by the husband or even the society.

For marriage, men take the risk of establishing a company, because after marriage, the company begins to operate steadily;

What women bear is the risk of canceling the company. Once the marriage is over, women will pay much more than men.

Therefore, as long as the whole society fails to recognize the family value of full-time mothers and form a perfect guarantee for single women one day,

Then the appropriate betrothal gift is the most practical guarantee and the greatest confidence of the majority of grassroots women in marriage.

What is betrothal?

None of them.

The real meaning of betrothal gifts is the blessing of two old families to the new family, and the expectation of the previous generation for the next generation.

There are two moments when human nature can be most exposed. One is the moment of deciding life and death, and the other is the moment of greedy money.

Betrothal gifts and betrothal gifts are exactly the greatest test of human nature.

A mature feeling will not be obsessed with the exorbitant price of betrothal gifts, nor will it be insatiable in order to flaunt ones status.

The so-called betrothal gifts have nothing to do with numbers, but with affection.

Because we all know that a good marriage is about the future.

I hope that every couple who are about to get married can break away from the strange circle of sky high betrothal gifts. They are not afraid to talk about money or talk about money,

With the sincerity, the true feeling and the true pay, walks the good long life road.

Appropriately strive for the protection and status of the daughter.