The last white cell phone? Nut R2 release: from 4499 yuan

 The last white cell phone? Nut R2 release: from 4499 yuan

Since the appearance is consistent, it has been one of the competitiveness of nuts. This time, nuts R2 still continues the previous hard style, but it is further polished on the basis of hardness. Curved glass perforated screen is adopted, and the simple curved screen boundary is designed, and the four sides are almost equal width. The design of micro arc is also added to the frame back plate, which makes the handle more delicate.

Nut R2 phone has a dial (any switch) on the side to enter different phone modes. The default is mute function, which means that the paddle will enter the mute mode, and the reverse toggle will remove the mute. Users can customize the functions, including mute function and driving mode function. There will be more customized functions for selection in the future.

In terms of color matching, nut R2 is available in three versions: light black, pine green and pure white, of which the pure white version is extremely difficult to process. This is also the worlds first pure white curved screen mobile phone, which can be called a masterpiece in the history of industrial design. With a light-sensitive back panel, when the sun sweeps through, the smart logo will gradually appear on the back of the fuselage, which is officially called real light takes a little time.

In terms of screen, nut R2 adopts 6.67 inch AMOLED hyperbolic Full HD display, the fifth generation Kangning gorilla glass, 90hz refresh rate, 2340 u00d7 1080 resolution, PPI of 403, supports fingerprint recognition under the screen, and users can also choose to use face unlocking.

In terms of configuration, nut R2 is equipped with high pass snapdragon 865 eight core processor, 7nmffp process technology, single core frequency up to 2.84ghz, and Adreno (TM) 650 graphics processor. It supports lpddr5 memory and ufs3.1 flash memory, with a maximum memory capacity of 16GB and a maximum body storage capacity of 512gb; the battery is equipped with 4510mah super large battery, 55W fast charging and wireless charging (TBD).

Due to the integration of x55 baseband, nut R2 can support 5g dual-mode SA / NSA, dual nanosim cards and full-featured NFC in network.

In terms of camera, nut R2 adopts full focus four shot, main camera uses Samsung s5khmx sensor, 108 million pixel main camera, 1 / 1.33 inch CMOS, f / 1.85 aperture, supporting optical anti shake, phase focusing and laser focusing; 8 million pixel 3x long focus camera, equivalent focal length of 57mm, supporting optical anti shake; 30 times optical anti shake hybrid zoom; 13 million pixel 119.7 u00b0 ultra wide angle camera It uses Samsung S5K3L6 sensor, 5 million pixel macro camera, diagonal distance to 2cm, 20 million pixel tiktok four front camera, supporting AI real-time beauty and a variety of voice filter and sticker function.

For video recording, the main camera supports 8K video recording and 1080pfhd slow motion video shooting; the front camera supports 1080pfhd video recording.

Nut mobile phone has always been proud of the efficiency of the three, no accident has been integrated into the new product, nut R2 preset smartisanos8.0 system, upgraded pushpin 2.0, can nail up to five applications on the lock screen desktop.

The built-in version 3.5 of one step has upgraded the horizontal screen one-step function. When playing horizontal screen games or watching dramas, it can also quickly process messages or other work. It can display up to 4 applications running synchronously in one step.

Built in big bang version 3.5, upgrade the regional screen recording function, you can record the designated area of the screen, and after calling out the big bang, you can frame select the designated area to be recorded.

Shannian capsule 3.5 has upgraded the video capsule function. You can quickly start recording screen with the sidebar, and you can easily record video with one hand.

The most important upgrade point of smartisanos8.0 is the time capsule function. Capsule is a good tool for users to record their inspiration in life. However, the biggest problem is that it is difficult to sort out information when there are more capsules. All kinds of files and data are scattered in each app and each entrance, so it is difficult to find and gather them at one time.

What time capsule needs to do is to merge multiple capsules into one big capsule, that is, the function of a folder, so that different kinds of capsules can be conveniently classified. For example, it can automatically collect, sort out and classify the capsules related to learning or shopping.

In addition, smartisan OS 8.0 also enhances privacy protection and adds functions such as network disconnection and tracking, which is more practical.

In addition to the nut R2, the nut also launched an innovative category of expansion edition for nut R2: smartisantntnttgo.

It has a 12 inch 2K high-definition LCD screen with a resolution of 2160 * 1440 pixels. It supports ten finger touch and 4096 piezosensitive capacitive pen. It has four sides of equal width. By contrast, its screen is larger than most models of iPad. At the ratio of 3:2, it is more efficient in office and browsing data application, and it is more suitable for office. This is the positioning given by nuts.

The total weight of the product is about 1.0kg, and the body weight is 640g. Magnetic keyboard, five touch touch touch pad and 4096 pressure sensitive pen are included.

In addition, the product also has a built-in 10160mah battery, which can work all day and reverse charge the mobile phone. At the same time, two loudspeakers and two loudspeakers are built-in, with directional radio (only front and opposite sound, noise reduction on both sides, suitable for interview) and omnidirectional radio function.

In terms of connection, the extended smartisantnttgo supports wifi-6 low delay wireless screen projection (high configuration version) and tntlink wireless connection technology. The wireless connection uses tntos2.0, and the mobile phone can be connected automatically.

After connecting to the expansion book, users can enjoy the large screen experience similar to PC with the help of the expansion book. The overall UI has also been newly designed, which can improve work efficiency.

In terms of selling price, nuts R2 will be sold from 10:00 p.m. starting from 4499 yuan, the limited white version will be sold at 6499 yuan, and the expanded tntgo will be sold at 2999 yuan. Nut press conference source: Netease mobile responsible editor: Han Yibing_ NT3945

In terms of selling price, nuts R2 will be sold from 10:00 p.m. starting from 4499 yuan, the limited white version will be sold at 6499 yuan, and the expanded tntgo will be sold at 2999 yuan.

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