S9 champion FPX.Tian When you enter the job, do you think its a popular role in the game industry?

 S9 champion FPX.Tian When you enter the job, do you think its a popular role in the game industry?

After that, Xiaotian and two Bixin employees carried out a fierce solo competition. With 5 million pairs of heart to train with God, the company is naturally Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Zhao Xin, the first employee on the stage, suppressed Xiaotian, the owner of the skin of the blind monk champion. After nearly 10 minutes of pulling, he narrowly lost. The second is blind selection of Nunu against Xiaotians enchantress, who is eliminated under the double restraint of hero and strength.

In the interview, the host asked Xiao Tian the questions about fans collected previously. When talking about whats the status of Liu Shao and Xiaotian in the base? Xiaotian showed a humorous language art: Liu Qingsong is the master, Im the starting point, pushing the scene atmosphere to a climax.

At the end of the activity, Xiaotian signed and took photos for the long-awaited Bixin fans, ending the unforgettable tour of sweeping the building.

After the beginning of September iG.Rookie After visiting Bixin headquarters, Bixin invited estarpro. Promise and FPX.Tian On the platform, all of these players are top stars in the e-sports circle. Xiaotian, as the fmvp of S9 global finals, has more than 2.57 million Weibo fans. The invitation not only confirms the popularity of players, but also helps them accumulate popularity and increase business value.

Before the start of the activity, Bixins accompanist adapted guess who I am from station Bs well-known dubbing stem in combination with the players personality, and pushed Xiaotians question solicitation dynamics to 40 million users in the app to build momentum for Xiaotians falling heart; after the event, Bixins training invited professional E-sports media to report on-site to help the players increase their exposure and expand the activity volume, The warm reception of Bi Xins staff also made Xiaotian a star like treatment.

At the end of September, FPX Club CEO Li Chun said that the combination of bixin training with E-sports and the integration with the clubs business model have been done very well, and fully affirmed the professional E-sports marketing ability of bixin Peilian. Li Chuns view is confirmed by the recent activities of star athletes sweeping buildings.

Up to now, Bixin has reached cooperation with 17 top league teams such as LPL, KPL, PEL and cfpl. In the future, Bixins training will create new and unique team activities, package the teams star players, and bring more rich interactive experience to the fans of e-sports, which is worthy of the expectation of all E-sports players.

Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485