D-house launched Hi A kind of Wu new design creates social ecology and new business flow

 D-house launched Hi A kind of Wu new design creates social ecology and new business flow

brand inD.house

In this activity, D. house uses the original Omo (online merge offline) new operation mode, through the comprehensive integration of online and offline resources, to achieve the functional goal of eliminating the sense of boundary. Create brand static exhibition site and create live exclusive live room, make every effort to help the brand reach the target group quickly, improve user stickiness, let the brand face young people directly, and let young people have a deeper understanding of domestic and foreign cutting-edge design forces. D. House will use Omo to bring the efficient transformation of each stage for the brand and continuously empower the brand.

Cross border Exhibition inD.house

D. Hausexchillin jointly creates the future world of cyberpunk in 2146, a bionic human future world created by multi-media artists and pioneer game design. It creates digital interactive experience through offline activities, reconstructs magic 2020, tracing the origin of life and death cognition and other shocking contents. It makes efforts on the online social media platform and links the flow of KOL and stars to complete high-value and accurate communication, More than 200 + head KOL sets off the driving force of online social media.

Fabric trends inD.house

After the outbreak, people began to rethink their lives, and the values related to care resonated and strengthened more than ever before; the fashion industry is very clear that it is time to rethink and adjust its approach. D. House, with the theme of reflection & reconstruction, cooperates with the French peclers trend publishing agency to provide more sustainable development solutions for the brand.

Sea u03c0 incubation base inD.house

D. House actively adopts the original Omo mode, deeply embraces the hot wind of digital encryption of design finance, gathers ecological resources of multi industry chain, and realizes the reorganization of business ecosystem. It will not only open up the direct communication channel between minority design brands and consumers through diversified activities, but also integrate online and offline resources in combination with online digital ordering meeting. Through the Omo new business model to upgrade the real estate operation utilization and bearing capacity, effectively promote the value realization of B end and C end.

Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485