Practicing the six stabilities and six guarantees to promote the internal circulation of economy

 Practicing the six stabilities and six guarantees to promote the internal circulation of economy

Under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the Party committee of the branch has repeatedly convened middle-level cadres to organize special study and deployment, comprehensively strengthened policy transmission, and formed a consensus of protecting enterprises is protecting themselves throughout the bank. Through meetings, training, OA notice, wechat materials and other means, the branch communicated and preached the policies of serving small and micro enterprises, supporting the resumption of work and production, implementing phased deferred repayment of principal and interest, reducing fees and interests, etc., so as to ensure that all staff of the branch fully and thoroughly grasp the policy content. Front line customer managers communicate relevant policies to customers in a timely manner through door-to-door docking, telephone notification, SMS and wechat, so as to ensure that customers are fully aware of the preferential policies. In addition, the branch also set up a special bonus to further boost the morale of front-line employees through the business incentive mechanism.

Suzhou Branch of Huaxia Bank sorted out the support policies of the head office and branch, continuously enriched its products and service means, especially strengthened the application and promotion of characteristic products, actively used various products and businesses such as non repayment loan, house mortgage loan, factory building mortgage loan, science and technology innovation loan, credit guarantee loan, credit loan and Internet of things finance, so as to solve the difficulties encountered by real enterprises at different levels and channels, In the resumption of work and production, it reflects the responsibility of Huaxia.

Precise positioning and service

Supporting the real economy is the need of serving the national strategy, serving the peoples livelihood and revitalizing the local economy. In the new development pattern of domestic economic cycle, Suzhou Branch of Huaxia Bank has upgraded its ideological and political position, taking serving the real economy as the core position of branch development, and comprehensively improving the financial service ability of supporting the real economy. Since this year, the branch has fully implemented the work deployment of the government, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government on the financial development of small and micro enterprises, and listed deepening financial service providers for small and medium-sized enterprises as the strategic focus of development planning.

The branch continued to carry out the activities of one hundred and ten thousand enterprises and inclusive finance into the grassroots. The leaders of the branch took the lead, went into the enterprises, listened to the voice of customers, and participated in the private enterprise salon to meet the financing needs. At present, the balance of small and micro enterprise loans (including personal business loans) of the whole bank is 27.779 billion yuan; the two increase loan of Inclusive Finance has completed the regulatory plan of 204.71%, and won the excellent unit in the evaluation of the policy guidance effect of inclusive small and micro credit in the assessment of the peoples Bank of Suzhou in the second quarter of 2020. The branch has increased the policy preference for small and medium-sized enterprises and sunk financial services to all corners. For micro credit loans, relying on mature markets and business circles such as Changshu clothing city and Wuzhong tea market, it provides small credit loans of less than 1 million yuan to merchants. While increasing credit support, the branch staff in advance jointly conducted pre loan investigations with the business units, and formulated credit schemes, and added special personnel to ensure the efficiency of approval. At present, the credit for small and micro businesses under 5 million yuan is generally completed within 1-2 working days.

Technology helps optimize experience

For manufacturing and credit customers, Huaxia Bank Suzhou branch adopts advanced Internet of things technology, installs enterprise credit management tools, and quantifies the real financing needs of enterprises through the objective data of Internet of things. Through the use of real-time monitoring technology of Internet of things, branches can quickly, conveniently and timely understand the changes of enterprise production and operation, timely grasp the needs of enterprises, and reduce the difficulty and cost of financing. By the end of September, 9 enterprises had installed Internet of things equipment, involving a loan balance of 324 million yuan.