Model 3 will drop to 199000? Tesla China General Manager: Rumor

 Model 3 will drop to 199000? Tesla China General Manager: Rumor

Electric, a well-known blog in the auto industry, learned last week that on Thursday night, Tesla terminated its policy of full refund within seven days after delivery. According to Wall Streets information, Teslas official website shows that the page of the policy has disappeared. As long as you open the original address of the policy, it will automatically jump to the home page of the official website.

The Elek blog learned on Monday that Tesla has cut back on its used car warranty.

Under the previous warranty, in addition to the unexpired original new car warranty service, used car customers of models s and modelx are entitled to an additional warranty for up to four years or up to 100000 miles from the date of shipment, whichever comes first. Now, Tesla offers customers an extra warranty of a year or 10000 miles.

According to Wall Street, the official website of Tesla China has now adjusted the extra warranty period of used cars to one year or 20000 kilometers.

Elek said it was strange for Tesla to take the action, because the purpose of the seven day refund and the extension of the used car warranty was to build consumer confidence in Tesla.

At present, Tesla has not made any response to the above policy changes. Other media reports also said it was not clear why the policy was terminated.

When Tesla launched the policy, Tesla made it clear that Tesla was confident that customers would be very satisfied with the companys new cars, so it would give customers a period of time to experience. Tesla CEO musk also used the policy as a propaganda point to attract potential buyers when he launched the new models last year.

However, before making the above adjustments, Tesla has lowered its prices several times this year, and twice in the first two weeks of this month.

On the 1st of this month, Tesla China made model 3 standard endurance upgrade version and long endurance rear wheel drive version reduced by 21650 yuan and 34150 yuan respectively. Last Wednesday, both the long-term and high-performance versions of Tesla models were cut by 23000 yuan. Also last week, Teslas models sold in the U.S. were priced down by $3000.

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