Orders to the first half of next year chip core link capacity full (with shares)

 Orders to the first half of next year chip core link capacity full (with shares)

Wafer, packaging behind the boom reflects the industrys high landscape

On the one hand, the industry has been in a state of short supply and has lasted for about a year. On the other hand, Huaweis ban effect has objectively acted as a catalyst. Before the ban came into effect, Huawei placed a large number of orders for various chips, further aggravating the imbalance between production capacity and demand. From the industry understanding, under normal circumstances, generally in the wafer factory after three or four months, to the seal test stage. A large packaging factory related personnel said that from the existing orders, their factory capacity will continue to be tight until the first half of next year.

After trading on October 15, SMICs H-share announced that it would raise its income growth guidelines for the third quarter from 1% to 3% to 14% to 16%. Zhao Haijun, the joint CEO of SMIC, once said that in order to alleviate the shortage of supply, the companys 8-inch monthly production capacity will increase by 30000 pieces by the end of this year, and the 12 inch monthly production capacity will increase by 20000 pieces. SMICs stock price began to change in recent days. Since hitting a record low at the end of September, the cumulative rebound has reached more than 20%.

Samsung plans to invest 100 billion US dollars in active layout

At a time when 8-inch wafer foundry is in short supply, Samsung is considering to invest in automation for 8-inch production line, replacing manual transportation with machine transportation, which is expected to cost more than 100 billion US dollars. According to the South Korean technology media the elec, Samsung has tested automated transportation equipment in some 8-inch fabs, and has won high praise from its employees.

Sorting out the list of wafer foundry and seal testing companies

There are many links in the chip industry, and the degree of specialization is high. Manufacturing is the core link of the industry chain. The upstream and downstream of semiconductor industry chain includes three links: IC design, wafer manufacturing and processing, packaging test and application. According to the rough statistics of the securities times and data bank, there are relatively few A-share companies that have been deployed in the field of wafer foundry and package testing. There are about 23 companies, of which 15 are in the field of wafer foundry and 8 are in the field of sealing and testing.

In July, SMIC is undoubtedly the leading supplier of foundry industry. The company is the first Chinese mainland foundry enterprise to realize the production of 14 nm FinFET. It represents the Chinese mainlands most advanced level in the integrated circuit manufacturing technology. The companys advanced process has gradually made progress, 14 nm successful mass production, 28 nm and below (SMIC north, SMIC South) proportion continues to increase, N + 1 / N + 2 is more worthy of looking forward to.

In the field of chip packaging and testing, Changdian technology is the worlds leading semiconductor microsystem integration and packaging test service provider. According to the report of topu Industry Research Institute, in the first quarter of 2020, among the top ten IC packaging and testing enterprises in the world, Changdian technology ranked third in the world with 13.8% market share. Tongfu microelectronics is the second leader in the field of chip packaging and testing. Last year, the company ranked second in the domestic industry and sixth in the global industry in terms of revenue scale for two consecutive years. In the first half of this year, the company made breakthroughs in the research and development of 2D and 2.5D packaging technology. For example, ultra large FCBGA has entered small batch verification.

Just last week, Tongfu micro power released a performance forecast. With the development of economic internal circulation, domestic customers orders have increased significantly; international large customers have further expanded their market share by taking advantage of the advantages of manufacturing process, and the demand for orders is growing strongly; overseas large customers demand for communication products is strong, and orders are full. The company estimates that the net profit of the first three quarters will be 251 million yuan to 311 million yuan, turning losses into profits year on year.

Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368