Flight attendants are kidnapped and tortured for 10 hours in the morning: how can a girl who is targeted by bandits help herself?

 Flight attendants are kidnapped and tortured for 10 hours in the morning: how can a girl who is targeted by bandits help herself?

How did she do it?

Back to the thing itself.

On October 13, air hostess Yang Li passed a park after work in the early hours of the morning. She was knocked down from her back by a man and pulled onto a car.

Fortunately, the gangsters speak up, but they dont want their lives. It means that people are relatively safe without money.

But nothing is absolute.

Yang Li knows that under such circumstances, the gangsters mood is his own life-saving straw.

So, even though her face, neck and thigh were scratched by gangsters, she still kept her head.

There was no panic,

And they didnt fight back.

On the contrary, her posture is as controllable as a lamb to be slaughtered.

First, she kept chatting with the gangsters to ease the tense relationship, which also meant to tell the other party: Although you hurt me, I dont hate you.

Then, she said, its OK to give money as long as I dont hurt my life.

After gaining the gangsters trust and consensus, she pretended that she was upset and wanted to go to the bathroom to cheat her out of the car. She took the opportunity to escape and called the police.

Six hours later, the gangster was successfully arrested.

It is worth mentioning that the gangster is a recidivist who chooses women to attack.

In other words, they may have known the scope of the victims activities before committing the crime.

Then, wait for the opportunity.

In short, a single woman was kidnapped.

At that time, she had been followed for several days without realizing it.

She was shocked by an electric stick, handcuffed, and finally lifted up into the car.

Fortunately, she wasnt completely unconscious at the time.

The two men did not panic, while taking out the officers card, if anything, said, we are here to handle the case, we will take her back to investigate.

This is the great fortune of misfortune. The woman is only frightened and has some skin trauma.

Otherwise, once taken away, nothing can be expected.

Ms. Lius home is on the 20th floor.

As soon as she got into the elevator with her front foot, a strange man followed her behind.

To her surprise, the other party did not press down the floor.

Just when she was a little suspicious, the man approached quickly, embracing her waist and threatening with a knife.

She told the gangster that she had just talked to her parents on the phone, and they would come out to answer the phone if they didnt get home for too long.

After listening to the other party, his ideas obviously wavered.

Ms. Liu took the opportunity to take out all the money on her body. The other party weighed it out and quickly let her go and ran away.

Ms. Liu is lucky because she is flexible enough and the gangsters are timid enough.

But we can never rest our lives on luck.

For a more arrogant, more unscrupulous gangster, the consequences will be full of variables.

On August 1, 2018, a strange thing happened in Xinxiang, Henan Province.

A strange call came from the local 110 command center.

At first, the police officer thought it was a prank. Just confirmed once, what do you want to send?

The other side repeated, you give me some, send some food, I will order from you later.

The police officer patiently stressed, this is the 110 Alarm Center.

I know.

What do you give you? Take out?

I know. I know. I dont want anything else. Ill take that one. Ill order it with you. Will you come and deliver it to me? I cant get out.

Sorry, 110 cant deliver it to you.

I know, sister, I know. Why dont you understand me?

She cheated the man to order takeout, got the mobile phone and called the police in a roundabout way.

A difficult situation has a clear end.

There is no lack of malice in the world, especially for women, who need to be careful everywhere.

As the saying goes, be careful to sail for thousands of years.

If you encounter unpredictable danger, dont panic and use the prepared methods.

When our personal safety has been threatened by gangsters, do not try to resist.

Otherwise, under the gangsters high spirits, the victim is himself.

It is better to meet the requirements of the other party verbally and reduce their vigilance.

Then, find a chance to get out.

As in the real example at the beginning of the article, he pretended to go to the toilet to ask for help, and finally captured the criminal.

2u3001 Take a sentry with you.

Most of the time, gangsters will choose the best time for them.

In addition, womens power is small. Once they encounter people who are scheming against the law, it is very difficult for them to get away safely on their own.

If you have a whistle on your body, its no less effective than an alarm.

It is impossible for the gangster to remain calm when he blows hard.

Sometimes, the gangster is not necessarily to rob money, but also to rob.

This means that girls may encounter more risks when they travel.

Because the wolf spray is too small and even disguised as lipstick, by surprise, the gangster can not move in a moment.

4u3001 Call for help with abnormal information.

If you are kidnapped by a gangster, and you meet your relatives and friends calling in, dont miss the best chance to ask for help.

A woman was kidnapped when her husband called in.

She couldnt ask for help directly, so she said she was out with her mother.

5u3001 Pretend to be calling the police.

What should I do if I have a gangster following me but I have no time to call the police, or I cant?

Dont panic.

You can pretend that youre connected to 110 and yell, 110 is it? I want to call the police... This is...

Gangsters are also human beings. They measure risks and they are afraid.

This might scare him.

When single women go out, its better to tell their family or good friends where they are going and when they will return.

In this way, once they cant contact for a long time, they will take corresponding measures.

Dont think its a storm in a teacup, but prepare for the rainy day.

When we are in danger, it is only the closest that can detect something wrong at the first time.

As the saying goes, never ignore the evil of human nature.

The back of light is darkness.

Naturally, we can denounce the evil of human nature, but we cant protect our own safety.

Of course, we should believe in the goodness of the world, but it does not hinder us to be well prepared to resist the evil in the world.

Finally, please help forward. Life is precious. I hope we can deal with other peoples unpredictable injuries wisely.

Author: Yu Yichen