Take a holiday for 8 days, my husband will see my lover on his back every day: this behavior of husband is the most worthy of vigilance

 Take a holiday for 8 days, my husband will see my lover on his back every day: this behavior of husband is the most worthy of vigilance

But for others, the National Day is not a good day: the return of the beast to the cage, more time for husband and wife to get along with each other, increased friction, and conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can offset the happiness of the holiday.

If you dont believe it, you can see the story of Xiaoting and her husband.


What do you know about your partner? Can you get a doctors degree?

One is that he seldom praises others, and the other is that he never stingily criticizes others. Its impossible to convince him of you.

In a word, in a popular and emotional language, Mr. Li is both cheeky and harsh, and he is born with the first-class evaluation committee (CHA) level.

To deal with this kind of typical c-traits, the most important thing is to convince people with things.

To quote lines from inception space is to implant ideas into ones mind and construct multiple layers of dreams. Into the bottom of his mind.

At the same time, the method of implantation should not be a hard plug, it should make him feel natural.

Beat him with his own logic.

After Xiaoting understood it, she learned to use it, and quietly changed her strategy of getting along with each other.

When there is a dispute, let him say it first, and then make supplementary development according to his point of view. In such a round, a lot of things can be agreed after discussion, thus reducing the quarrel.

In fact, people do not care about their advantages and disadvantages, only their characteristics.

Most of the time, to get a happy marriage, not luck, but ability.

Disc, read your lover

Many sisters may say, I know my partner very well.

I know that he always throws smelly socks when he comes home. He hates washing dishes and cleaning the table. He likes playing games. He likes to watch long legged beauties. He lacks patience and is male chauvinism

But deeper?

Do you know what his greatest hope and dream is?

Do you know what kind of love he craves and what he thinks is the return of love?

Do you know what his deepest fear of his partner is and why?

These are the key factors in a long-term marriage.

Looking at people, we should see the essence of a person, get along with each other, and grasp the core needs of each other. Only by grasping the big and letting go of the small, can we obtain long-term happiness.

But pessimistically, many people tend to simply divide people into men and women, or divide people into 16 or 32 types. The former is too simple and crude, and the latter is too complex. Comparatively speaking, discs quartering is a very useful tool.

The disc model was proposed by William Morton Marston, an American psychologist. Marstons most familiar is that he invented the lie detector.

He divided people into four types according to the speed of reaction and the things they attach importance to.

Disc has become one of the most widely used personality assessment tools in the world. When it comes to personality assessment, the four English letters disc have almost become the common language in the world.

People with different behavior traits will show different appearances when they get along with others or deal with things in various situations.

Peoples words are: Peoples personality can be divided into D, I, s, C four different types, and each of us has it, but the proportion is different. Each type corresponds to a strategy of getting along with each other.

If you use the wrong strategy to get along with others, its easy to have problems such as being hard to please, paying not being seen and getting along with each other.

People who have mastered disc are more thoughtful and understanding.

If you master it, you may know him better than your partner.

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