This 7-minute documentary shows you most homesick

 This 7-minute documentary shows you most homesick

In terms of history, ancient China took the lead in smelting iron ware, which greatly enriched cooking utensils and methods, so that for a long time, fried dishes were Chinese characteristics.

Thousands of years of history can not only precipitate the treasures of literature, art and science and technology, but also the food culture that condenses the wisdom of the working people.

Second, there is no shortage of people who are willing to take food seriously.

It is no exaggeration to say that if a group of documentaries want to shoot Chinese food, they can be filmed almost endlessly forever.

Its on breakfast.

After a year and a half, the launch of the third season also means that this 100 episode food documentary has entered the countdown to the end of the last season

Breakfast China

The choice of food without exception is very distinctive.

Early in the morning, Guizhou has to eat spicy and sour noodles. The milk tea for breakfast in Xinjiang is actually salty. Because of the word crab in Nanjing, the crab roe bun in Nanjing is generally recognized as the most luxurious breakfast.

But there is one thing in common. All of us think that the best breakfast shop must be at home or at school.

Breakfast China is focused on looking for the unique hometown flavor on the stall.

It is hard to avoid the hot breakfast with the local customers.

In Douban, breakfast China series of comments, the most is to make notes, plan to travel later must go to punch in the gluttons.

This big piece of meat.

So rich in seafood.

I cant help it.

Whats more, breakfast China is about food, but its not limited to food.

In just a few minutes, we can see not only the process of making delicious food, but also the life of people who cook and eat.

The aunt who sells seafood noodles said that I has the final say in this shop.

The old man scratched his head without excuse.

But when chatting with the program staff in private, I feel that she used to have a very straight waist, but after so many years of cooking (breakfast), her waist has been bent.

She can only make money, not spend money.

When he said that, there was no show off in his expression, only heartache.

He paused, a little embarrassed, as if to say something.

Pig soup!

Its cute and real.

I also like a little egg in the whole three seasons of this documentary, that is, every time we get to the end of the film, we have to put a Store Exclusive BGM, which is usually a single song that circulates when they work every day.

This detail is particularly true.

When I went to many stalls for dinner, I heard a song from the beginning to the end, which led to the melody in my mind for a long time.

The so-called food culture includes not only the history of a dish, cooking skills, moral and so on, but also the impression and interpretation of each diner.

This is also the part of the latest food of the day food documentary IP released by Tencent video.

From the first film list, it talks about breakfast, late night, boiling hot pot

This is the original intention of the documentary series the food of the day. It depicts vivid portraits of food related characters in different regions, occupations, ages and identities through distinct timeliness and scene sense.

From these films, we can see not only delicious food, but also love, warmth and nostalgia.

Like a girl trapped by love, still attached to a bowl of pig soup.

A little ambiguous, did not break the window paper, just tacit understanding to eat breakfast with high school students every day.

As well as the man who firmly said, the yellow croaker in Zhoushan is different from other places..

Thats probably what it means.

I am also a gourmet lover. When I travel to any place, I can not visit the scenic spots. I cant help looking for delicious food.

And I like the opportunity to find food, which is related to the theme of have a good meal, have a good day in this series of documentaries.

It seems to be taking pictures of the food from all over the country, with different ingredients and types. But the common thing that runs through it is that delicious food can bring people a sense of happiness.

Lets talk about the breakfast China series.

I dont know how many urban young people have the habit of eating breakfast, but at least in my childhood and adolescence, I ate canteen for lunch, and my parents made dinner. Only breakfast was free to choose what they like to eat.

It was the cheapest, the most comfortable and the happiest meal to eat every day.

After graduation from work, I also found that food is really the most simple and easy to get happiness.

Sometimes very sad, wake up in the morning looking at the ceiling, do not want to get up, do not want to face the new day, can support me to get up, is to find a good breakfast shop.

On the way home after working overtime late at night, it was originally the loneliest and most vulnerable time. If you can see a barbecue shop still open, eat two kebabs of barbecue and drink a bowl of soup, you will also have a feeling of relief after a whole days fatigue.

If you have friends with you, its better. You can make an appointment to have a hot pot. You can have a drink and chat. Even if you cry about your lifes unhappiness, you can say its spicy.

Its these moments related to food that make me feel that there is something to look forward to in my life.

The documentary series of food for one day, whether its breakfast China now being released, or the upcoming late night Lake, boiling bar hotpot and lets go! Seafood is always warm and caring.

Breakfast, snack and hot pot are not expensive ingredients. They are not usually in a high-end environment. At present, the most expensive one I see is Zhoushans seafood noodles.

As a result, a discussion topic appeared on Weibo, how luxurious can a bowl of noodles be.

The basic configuration of seafood noodles is 15 yuan per bowl, a bowl of soup, and several fresh red shrimp.

Go up again, can choose collocation at will.

Seeing this, we all joked that maybe in Zhoushan, seafood noodle watering free is also a symbol of success.

But in fact, I think that there are a lot of freedom and restrictions in life. In the matter of eating, we might as well be casual or even capricious.

Some people like high calorie, some like heavy oil and hot food, and some people like seafood.

In fact, its not a bad thing to let yourself enjoy the casual and freedom in the daily food.

We are worthy of ourselves and the people who make delicious food for us.

Many of the breakfast shop owners photographed by the program group are themselves or guarding a small shop with their partners for most of their lives. They get up at three or four oclock to prepare food. They may not make much money in a day.

They said, if you dont make money, Ill do it..

The expression on the face is a little inexplicable, but it is particularly touching and persistent.

This will make people believe from the bottom of their hearts that everything related to food is their own sense of happiness.

This kind of human relationship in the world fireworks, let us also want to look forward to the first cup of milk tea in autumn, the first breakfast tomorrow, and countless delicious food in China.

It makes people feel that the world is worth it.