Collection and collection

 Collection and collection

The dark in winter is fast, just had a meal, then to the lamp time. Several people crowded on the Kang. There was no stove in the room. The quilt was thin and shivering.

The big black man called to manager Liu and asked him to heat the Kang earlier so that everyone could go to bed. Shopkeeper Liu narrowed his eyes and said with a smile: its good to say, guests should sleep first. Its very tired after walking for a day. Ill let the guys burn Kang immediately.

Several people reluctantly fell asleep. After a while, they fell asleep.

Without sleeping in a bag of cigarettes, they woke up with cold. Big black man got up and looked at the Kang stove. The stove was still on. It was strange why the Kang was not hot at all? He thought, its probably just burned. Its not hot yet. At this thought, he fell asleep again.

Did not sleep for a while, everyone chatter were frozen to wake up, and then look at the stove, the fire is still flashing.

Everyone was surprised. Whats going on? Some people want to find out, simply jump off the Kang, lie down next to the stove, this suddenly realized. It turned out that what was burning in the stove was not firewood at all, but an oil lamp the size of a bean seed was lit. No wonder it was on and off, and there was no heat on the Kang. The man took out the small oil lamp, and everyone breathed his anger on the lamp, which broke it.

Everyone, you say a word and I say a word. You scold manager Liu, the grandson of tortoise, who is too black hearted and cruel. He looks like a Bodhisattva with a smile. He is more poisonous than snakes and scorpions. He uses such shady means to deceive and deceive. The more they said, the more angry they became. Some people immediately asked the black hearted shopkeeper to ask for the room money. The shop stopped and left immediately.

Black big man is very calm at this time, he thought for a moment, let everyone calm down, dont disturb the surname Liu, as if nothing happened. Black big man thought of an idea in mind, can teach this black heart shopkeeper.

The next day before dawn, the big black man set up his car and left early.

When manager Liu saw that they were all gone, he came to clean up the cooker and prepare to cook with water.

When he opened the pot, there was a stone in the pot. Shopkeeper Liu was very puzzled. He swore and went to move it. It didnt matter. As soon as he picked up the stone, he let out a cry of ah ah ah and quickly released the stone. The stone was so big and heavy that he only heard a crackle. The stone made a hole in the pot. Shopkeeper Liu also burned big blood bubbles in his hands. He bared his teeth and cried out in pain.

It turns out that they did it. They got up in the morning. They first took a big stone and put it in the pot, and then burned the pot and stone with a strong fire, and only waited for the leader Liu to hook it.

How could shopkeeper Liu know this hidden mystery? His father and mother yelled for a while. Suddenly, he looked up and saw a few lines written on the wall. He could not help but read: Shanxi has your brother song Chou. You go south and north to see more knowledge. You shopkeeper has a bad heart. You carry stones and smash pots!

Manager Liu said that he was suffering. From then on, he did not dare to do those unconscionable things any more.

Author: Cheng Yongchuan