Todays famous lady of shopping list may be the aunt who was cheated into marriage by Jin Dong tomorrow

 Todays famous lady of shopping list may be the aunt who was cheated into marriage by Jin Dong tomorrow

The famous lady of single play stayed in the five-star hotel, tasted afternoon tea, and created a white rich beauty setting in the circle of friends.

They know that they are not high-end people, but they try to get into the upper class and win a little attention in the information flow of the circle of friends. Maybe some high-end people will notice themselves?

The 61 year old aunt left a message, confessed, and even supported the purchase of three no products sold by Dong brother. What she wanted was just a few nice words to make her feel cared and loved.

No matter how old you are, even if you can see everything, you still cant extinguish your real desire to be concerned and loved, even if you cheat yourself to get false feedback.

Todays famous lady of single shopping may be the aunt cheated by Jin Dong tomorrow.


Some people say that the single girl is too vain. They say that the 61 year old aunt is fooled. Vanity and stupidity, the two characteristics of almost anyone, can not fundamentally define their motivation.

The mechanism that encourages people to love vanity and ignore folly is to gain self affirmation through the attention of others.

However, different ages and different groups have different forms of expression. The celebrities arm themselves with Hermes for a moment, and the middle-aged and elderly women indulge in the illusion of love delusion.

It is false to have herm u00e8 s and to be loved by Jin Dong, but in the process of pursuing, their happiness and satisfaction are real.

I dont think the 61 year old aunt has never doubted that the person in the video is not Jin Dong. Even if she really loses her basic cognitive judgment, it is also an active choice.

We believe that a thing is true, not only because it seems to be true, but also because we want it to be true.

As long as you are willing to believe it, even if there are tens of millions of solid hammers in front of you, your heart will pretend to be deaf and dumb and continue to immerse yourself in the pleasure and illusion brought by self deception.

Its just that most ordinary people dont encounter such an extreme plot. We are just as meticulous in our daily life as to let others take a look at ourselves.

I havent competed in high-end hotel afternoon tea, but I always use Meitu XiuXiu P-map plus filter.

I dont believe in being watched and interacted by big stars, but Ive been immersed in fruitless love. Even though people around me say hes bad for you and hes a scum man, you still refuse to break up.

Whats the difference?

All people have cheated themselves, whether intentionally or unintentionally, because self deception is a very common psychological defense mechanism and an instinct.

When we encounter setbacks, when we experience injustice, we always need some self-protection, isolate ourselves from the conflicts and difficulties of the outside world, and give us a temporary safe environment.

Even if the environment is virtual, it at least provides a buffer for us to feel temporarily comfortable.


The effect of self deception is more than that. The beautiful product after packaging can bring some comfort.

Although the number of compliments obtained by celebrities in the circle of friends and the concern of middle-aged and elderly women in their messages are all based on false sand, which is not reliable and true, but if they face the reality, they can get a hammer again?

If you have been loved and cared about in real life, and even the slightest action is understood and understood by others, how many people are willing to spend a lot of time to make a list and find a sense of existence in the network?

The 61 year old aunt said to the interview that I have never experienced love in my life, never, this is the first time. In the face of the old companion who has lived together for a lifetime, she said without hesitation that I hate him.

What did Jin Dong, who gave his aunt love, do?

It is nothing more than a set of routines that cannot be repeated. I know you are not easy. Let me take care of you later. even if I cant be together, I will always love you.

It seems to us that these words are not a stray, but for a person who has not been loved, she is not tired of hearing it for thousands of times, and she is willing to believe it.

And those singles girls may not have tasted much in real life, and they also know that no one will pay attention to them by showing their true faces. Hermes will return them in the end, but at least now I can exchange it for a new possibility.

Everyone wants to be seen, but to be honest, there are not so many opportunities to be seen.

Besides, we have too little chance of being seen.

I remember in one issue of general knows column, a questioner talked about her encounter with online pig killing pan. Later, she confessed that she knew she had been cheated, but she was more worried about the other party disappearing and ignoring her than being cheated.

Because this cheater gave her comfort and love when she was most helpless and lonely.

It is also a typical self deception:

Im not afraid that you cheat me, and Im not afraid to cheat myself. What Im afraid of is that you wont cheat me any more, and I wont get any consolation and love.

Its sad, but I cant say pity or heartache because this story model can be applied to almost everyone, including myself.

Not everyone has the courage to face the reality all the time, sometimes just want to hide in the self deception, happy for a while.

Everyone has to correct the self obsession and delusion, and it also needs a long way to crawl to the point where they can accept and affirm themselves without being noticed and loved by others.

Perhaps, now every self deception in the future will make you shameless, but now in the dark, there is a little light, please do not let it go out.

Born a man, who doesnt feel sorry?