In addition to the food industry, exotic Shanzhai goods have also been attracted to the longevity medicine on the Internet

 In addition to the food industry, exotic Shanzhai goods have also been attracted to the longevity medicine on the Internet

When legitimate businesses have spent a lot of financial and human costs for brand building and become a brand with wide influence in the market, these speculators start to think carefully and hope to borrow chicken to lay eggs. In packaging design, advertising copy and even trademark logo, the operation can be called the core.

Due to the low technical threshold, the food industry has been reduced to the disaster area of fake goods. Few times, they are embarrassed to communicate with others. For example, qiqia Guazis Shanzhai brand zhizhiguazi, hongnius Shanzhai brand aoniu, Liushens Shanzhai brands wanwaishuang, Heimeis Shanzhai brands Youmei toothpaste, etc

If Shanzhai can be regarded as a rogue, then fake is a complete act of banditry. Previously, the anti aging research results of Harvard Medical School, which were popular in JD and other online platforms, were subject to the focus of copycat industry. Battlefield data showed that the gene port, which is currently prominent in the field, has been repeatedly condemned Shanhong and Hong Kong non gene and other counterfeiting activities because of its frequent copycat and even fake fraud in the focus. The appearance of fake goods provides tips to identify.


However, it is still difficult to put an end to it. More people can only hope that consumers can observe and polish their eyes more. Mr. Li from Hunan once disclosed that the capsules of nicotinamide mononuclear glycolic acid purchased on the Internet had turned yellow and the powder was caking. After careful observation, he found that it was filled with flour, and even his pet dog did not eat it. It was undoubtedly produced by an unknown small workshop Fda-gmp certification of gene port factory.

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Can no one cure the rampant fake goods? In fact, in recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to the judicial protection of such intellectual property rights. Not long ago, the higher peoples Court of Henan Province held a press conference to summarize the work and report the data. In 2019 alone, various regions in Henan Province accepted 11623 cases related to intellectual property rights, 90% of which were effectively handled, which played a deterrent role for speculators.

However, since these fake goods can be so widespread in the market, there are naturally reasons behind them. At the press conference, experts pointed out that the following three reasons are the root of the endless wildfire of imitations.

First, the cost of cracking down on counterfeit goods is high. Small fake workshops are generally distributed in underdeveloped areas all over the country. After all, private enterprises are for profit-making purposes. It is not cost-effective to spend a lot of money to fight against counterfeiting;

Second, the intensity of punishment is not enough. Previously, Gree reported that oaks was fined only 100000 yuan in the final result, and the famous pastry company, Mr. Bao, won seven lawsuits and only got 350000 yuan in compensation, which is deplorable;

Third, a large number of consumers pay for fake products. Low price is often the key purchasing index of consumers, Shanzhai goods seize the publics psychology of pursuing low price, and win by low price on the premise of giving up quality.

Of course, there are also some enterprises that have prepared for the rainy days. For example, Alibaba Group registered more than 6000 exaggerated trademarks at one go, and almost all the relevant trademarks were covered up without giving any opportunities to the imitation industry, including Ali baby, Ali sister, Ali mother, Ali trial, Ali brother, etc.

Shanzhai is essentially a behavior mode to deceive consumers. If it is legal and reasonable, it can fully rely on its own innovation and R & D strength to expand its influence. Consumers should also learn the skills and skills to distinguish fake goods. Now we are changing from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. More independent innovation enterprises such as geneport and Huawei are the new path of future development.

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