Which is the first to use the stick to hammer the talebas?

 Which is the first to use the stick to hammer the talebas?


Who is harder, Dharma stick or daliba?

01 Dharma stick vs daliba

In the old days of Russia, many villages had only one bread oven. In order to facilitate storage, they developed extra large, hard bread, that is, taleba.


Now, Qiulin daliba, which is often ridiculed, is half the size of a basketball, with a diameter of 23-26 cm, a thickness of more than 16 cm, and a net bread weight of about 4 jin [1].

You tell me its buns??

A Leba, as big as a pot cover, is qualified only when it is roasted and banged. The daliba literature circulated on the Internet records the blood and tears of countless diners when they taste it.

Daliba literature / microblog @ miaochi

In les miserables, the author describes the life of the French people at the bottom

They bake bread for six months at a time, using dried cow dung. In winter, they smash bread with axes and soak it in water for 24 hours before they can eat it


So, what kind of chest broken Leba, beating dog stick method, are all trivial.

Together with the Dharma stick, daliba is the most difficult CP in the bread industry.

European bread

Some bloggers have commented on who is the best one between Dharma stick and daliba

First of all, compare with patting walnut, and then smash a walnut with two times;

Then let daliba and Dharma stick hammer each other, and the Dharma stick directly pierces the defense line of daliba.

After several rounds of battle, taliba was seriously injured out of the game, and FA cudgel became a new generation of bread king.

Although he finally witnessed the ultimate battle between Dharma cudgel and taleba, what puzzled the majority of the eaters was why the bread from abroad was so hard?

02. Authentic oubao is a tough guy

In fact, many authentic European breads are tough guys.

Without a steel tooth, you may be hungry. In Europes bakery, there is a special bread self-service cutting machine.

Lumomo, owner of bakery self service bread cutter / up in Germany

If you think about it, whats going to use a cutter? Tiles, glass, stone? emmm

But even if they are as hard as stones, Europeans take them as good things

The French have called for the inclusion of the Dharma stick in the protection of UNESCOs intangible cultural heritage.

In Russian culture, there is also a saying: rye bread is our father (u0425u043bu0435u0435u0440u0440u0430u043du043eu0439u0425u0431u0431u0431u0431u0431u0448u0448u0434u0434u0434u0434u0434u0434u0434u0434u0434u0425u0425u0425u0425u0425u0431u0431u0431u0431.

However, Chinese people may not be able to enjoy these European national delicacies.

In fact, the first generation of bread can be quite delicious.

In 6000 B.C., the ancient Egyptians discovered a way to ferment. The dough baked was soft and delicious.

After the Roman conquest of ancient Egypt, bread making technology spread to Europe. Royal cooks sift out the wheat bran, grind it into white flour, then add sugar and grease to make small white bread.

This kind of bread is very valuable and can only be eaten by church members and royal families.

But the ordinary people have no good fortune to enjoy the superior white bread. They ate a hard black bread.

Black bread is baked with wheat flour and bran. It tastes salty and sour. After eating the first bite, you never want to eat the second.

However, even if it was tasteful and gnawing, the common people in the Middle Ages had to eat it every day for three reasons

No choice.

First of all, bread is a European staple food.

The price of fragrant and soft bread is very high, so the black bread with big tube and long storage time is served on the table of common people.

Secondly, during the warm period of the middle ages from the 10th century to the 14th century, the climate in the North Atlantic region was abnormal, which led to severe damage to European agriculture.

Wheat is low in several major grains, so grains such as black oats and beans are added to bread.

Some black hearted bakers will also add sawdust and stone, so black bread becomes the existence of dark food [2].

Until the end of the 18th century, the French National Assembly stipulated that all people should eat a kind of equal bread (lepain u00c9 galit u00e9)

Wealth and poverty must also disappear from the system of equality, the rich will no longer have bread and flour, and the poor will no longer have bran bread. In prison, all bakers must bake one kind of bread: equal bread.

Flat bread is made from 3 / 4 wheat and 1 / 4 rye flour. Although it is still hard, the ingredients are obviously better.

Although the poor eat bread with good taste, the continuous years of war make peoples living conditions more difficult.

During World War II, Leningrad was besieged, and the only food the civilians could get every day was black bread mixed with sawdust and weighing only 125 grams.

Similarly, black bread is an important food for soldiers. When supplies were scarce, a loaf of bread was the daily ration for ten Soviet soldiers.

What you eat is fake

But in the eyes of Europeans, that kind of soft bread is as inexplicable as Chinese peoples Zuo Zongtang chicken.

Chinas soft European bread is more European style bread, but imitates the existence of Japanese bread.

Soft European bread is made with butter and milk, and is also filled with bean paste, salted egg yolk, dried meat floss, taro and other rich fillings. Although the taste is better, but the price is also up.

In Europe, the French stick is about a European civilian price, in the Russian supermarket, the big Leba is also 9 rubles, about RMB 1 yuan.

But Chinas net red bread costs at least a dozen yuan, which is certainly not comparable to their poor relatives in Europe.

Just as the soft Europa is not the real one, the big Leba in the bakery is not necessarily the real one.

In fact, the full name of dalieba with many dried fruits and raisins is daliba, Xinjiang.

However, most of the high online sales of the all wheat bus are Harbin Qiulin bus, which is similar to the traditional Russian bus.

It is true that this kind of sour taste of taleba is often criticized, but if you chew it for a while, you will get a sweet taste.

If served with jam, pickled cucumber and red vegetable soup, then the hard to swallow bread also has a unique flavor.

Why didnt the ancestors make bread?

When it comes to hard food, there are many toutie pasta in China that can compete with the French stick daliba, such as Shandongs pancake and Weifangs hard flour fire.

But the same is flour. Why do Chinese make steamed bread and cakes while Europeans make bread?

On the issue of eating flour, China is thousands of years behind European countries. By the time wheat was introduced into China, the ancient people were used to cooking, and baking was not popular.

In addition, most of my domestic wheat is not suitable for baking.

Bread needs high gluten flour. If low gluten flour is used, it may not have a chewy taste [4].

Because of historical and geographical reasons, the food culture in different places has created new sparks in the collision.

Europeans who cling to hard bread, like the Chinese peoples insistence on rice and white flour, should never be shaken.

Can be used as a qualified food, regardless of its soft and hard, how to have a variety of patterns, as long as into the eyes of diners, it is the C table on the table.

So, have you made an appointment today?

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