How can long-distance love last?

 How can long-distance love last?

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Daily communication is really important ~ dont disappear inexplicably. If you are busy, you should say it in advance.

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Take care of yourself, meet regularly and communicate actively.

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Mutual understanding and tolerance is the foundation. Girls should have a strong heart and have enough sense of security. They should know clearly that it is better to have ta than to have ta.

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Long distance love is too difficult, and the society is impetuous and terrible. Only those who have a moral red line in their hearts and can realize that the other party is not easy can adhere to it. Regular communication is necessary.

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Every day, if you can make video, you cant speak, if you can, you cant send messages. The most important thing is to meet regularly.

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There is a response to everything and concern everywhere. What a girl cares about is not whether you can accompany you all the time, but your care all the time. At the same time, also willing to join the country, to defend the territory of Zheng Zheng, iron and courage of you, can be gentle, warm. I hope I can hold on until you come back.

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Dont bring bad emotions to the other party as far as possible. Its normal to complain appropriately. However, if you often bring negative emotions to the other party, the other party will be bored and even upgrade to hate. Two people should be positive together, share good things together, not go negative together.

First of all, there must be enough trust. Secondly, we should have a caring heart!

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Men dont spend, women dont do it.

Its good to face four people.

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