God, how can it get worse

 God, how can it get worse

At that time, I was heartbroken at that time, but in retrospect, its just three words, smelly man.

I dont know why some men always treat women as idiots. They always think that as long as they insist on nothing, they really dont have it. They think that they can fool the past with some lame excuses.

I heard him always say that I was sick and sick. I felt that I was really sick. I thought I had to be with such a man because I was really sick. I really dont want to find out something, otherwise it would be too simple to overthrow him, OK? Its just like little silk was able to figure out who the woman was hanging out with her ex boyfriend.

Its not easy for a woman to see if a man has something on his back?

Of course, the most direct is to look at his mobile phone. You can see from the app store whether he has downloaded the chat software that he has bitten to death and never played. You can search and see. If the button next to the software is in the shape of a cloud, it is definitely downloaded. If he said that he downloaded it before he was with you, then you can go to his app subscription history to see his purchase record. When was the last time he added a member to the software. If you dont show it to you, you can go to his ID mailbox and check his subscription email.

There are too many other methods, such as Baidu map record, takeout address, but I cant say any more. If there are those who commit crimes against the wind, they should learn to counter reconnaissance.

Anyway, in the Internet age, there is no paper that can cover the fire. As long as he has done it, he will surely leave evidence, especially if he is so presumptuous as Xiaosis ex boyfriend. Maybe you dont need to check, and God will expose his broken things to you.

So I also advise Xiaosi, you should not be too sad, oh, you see, God at this time let you know, is not to let you sober up, he will give you a good man.

I dont know if the clues I found are also a reminder of God, but I know that my eyes on men are not so good, so many times I think, oh, I am not worthy of being loved.

You remember my last ex boyfriend, the one who broke up with me after 17 days tour of six European countries. I was very sad at that time, and I didnt understand what was wrong with me, but later I became angry. I didnt say anything about feelings. But if I went out to play AA, what do you mean if you didnt give me money?

What makes me even more angry is that when I was with him, he was in a down time in his career. He was frugal every day, not to mention giving me some gifts. However, the man made money the next year after he broke up with me, changed himself to a Porsche Macan, and bought a house in his hometown for 2 million yuan.

Why do I know? Because he told me that I saw the car, but I didnt see the house. I didnt know whether it was true or not. But the man admitted that he really wanted to be with others, so he cheated me and dumped me.

I was relieved to hear him say that. As expected, he was not blind in thinking that he was shielding me from making friends. It was not my imagination that he chatted with others. As expected, I was not ill! Great, my intuition!

So my friends, when you feel that there is something wrong with a person or something, you should not doubt yourself. You should first believe in yourself. You can doubt anyone, but you should not doubt yourself easily, or you will be trapped in it.

We smart women would rather blame 3000 than ourselves!

However, he said that he always sent me private messages and text messages in the past three years, but he also felt sorry for me, and I had better Balabala. Its true that he raped me when he was free, but I was a sharing maniac, and it was easy for him to understand my life state. The first time I broke up, he came to eat melon and asked if I was in a bad mood.

Now its my turn to say hes sick. Is there something wrong? Every time I receive his news, I will still shout in my heart, whats the matter with men? You! Im sick!

When I just sold my car, he also said that I would not have a car to drive in the future, so he could give me his car. A few days ago, he said that he could sell his house in his hometown. When I can buy a house next year, I will buy a house in Beijing and write it under my name.

I said you write my name for what, we do not matter, he said you will reconsider me.

Sorry, I laughed. I know you may see what I wrote, but Im not laughing at you. Im laughing at life. Its all a mess.

But I forgot to ask you, if you write my name, do you need me to make a down payment, do you need me to repay the loan, can you write me a proof that this house is an unconditional gift?

Coincidentally, l also said that when we were together again, he would sell the previous house and buy a new one with my name.

Ah, at this time, the boyfriends who hate me are not very rich people. If they are rich people, they will not ask me or discuss with me. They may directly take out a key and say, its written in your name. Lets make up..

At that time, I might be bought by the house, be a material woman, lie in my big flat floor, no matter where you go today, and I have a big flat floor, play happily with my dogs, you cant return, my dogs and I are free.

But you see, I dont have a house to say, but I make myself crazy every time I break up.

Although my love history is not too rich, but these are really tired, I think the next few years do not want to fall in love. Of course, sexual life is still needed. I think its much more reliable for a man to say naked in bed that hes great to say baby, than to say baby I love you so much in bed.

At that time, whats more, I dont need to install it anymore. This is not enough. Ill try the next one. I have no psychological burden and pressure. Sorry, brother, I has the final say in the matter of returning to bed.

So what am I going to do? Im going to do more exercise and lose weight a little more recently. It doesnt matter if I dont have a chest. I can practice my butt again. I dont believe it. Do men only like big breasts? Cant you have a peach hip?

Besides, I have been writing about my skin as a medical beauty. I also want to improve myself as a whole. Since I have returned to the single market, as a conscious woman, I still can not droop. How can I ask others to see my soul through my appearance? How much beauty can I have.

I also synchronized this idea to Xiaosi. I said its OK to break up. Why give up the whole abdominal muscle because of this crooked neck tree?

Xiaosi agreed. She said she was tired, too.

Ever since she let the man move out of her home, she has vowed to end her unfaithful relationship by restoring her single circle of friends. But women are still soft hearted. No matter how much cool words they say, they will easily show their sadness when they drink some wine at night. So I have seen Xiaosi say some pitiful words on many nights, and delete them when they wake up the next day.

Maybe she is too sad, and other people cant read it. A girl in the wechat address book came to her and said, Xiaosi, you really dont feel sad. Your ex boyfriend is a scum man. When you were together, he even teased me and invited me to your house for a drink and said that you broke up. But then I went to your house and saw your things that he cheated me I didnt tell you that it was because I saw you very happy every day. I thought he might be confused for a while. I didnt expect that he would never change

Xiaosi sent me two screenshots. One was that the girl told her about it, and the other was that her ex boyfriend asked the girl to find him.

Originally, I tried to convince myself that he had only done this once. After all, he was very sincere in front of me, which made me want to believe it. But seeing that girl say that, I blew up again. That night, I took a taxi and ran to his place to ask him to make it clear to me.

Did you see him again? When I ask this question, I think Im stupid. Do you still need to ask? Few people can break up and break up with each other. Dont l and I meet each other often after we break up.

Xiaosi continued to send her voice, yes, that day, I went to his house and asked him if it was really like what he said only once. He still said that I had something wrong with me. He didnt go to his place in the middle of the night just to ask a question he had answered countless times. He said that he swore only once.

I am most annoyed that some men swear, because their oath is a fart. He can swear with his own life, with his parents life, with his whole family. He dares to swear anything. It is not that he is sure that he can do it, but he simply does not believe that if he does something wrong, he will be punished in the oath. What I said casually, would naive people take it seriously?

I showed him a picture of the girl, and I asked him if he knew him? He said he didnt remember. I dont remember. Whats not remembering? Little silks tone increased by eight degrees.

I just want him to remember, and he asks me what I want. If I go to his house just to make him sleep hard, I can go, because my goal has been achieved. He said, would he have to admit that anyone who fabricated some chat records to frame him? Then he lifted the table.

Whats the matter with men! Im really confident. Why would someone forge a chat record to frame him? Did he take himself too seriously? The reason why I lifted the table was because I didnt know what to say. I had to go crazy to deny it.

And then? This is the most frequently asked sentence in my chat with Xiaosi.

Then I left. At that moment, I felt a little liberated. What I wanted to do was to listen to him say Im sorry and Im sorry . Maybe I can forgive him, but his appearance of refusing to admit that he died showed me that I have paid nothing in the past two years, and I cant even hear a word of sorry. What else can I miss?

Sometimes men dont understand women. They think women are very strange. Do you come to my house in the middle of the night just to hear me say sorry?

The woman is so strange, many times, she just wants to hear a sorry. In some moments, these three words are more powerful than I love you. When a man can say these three words, at least really with some apology? He can see all her good, but Im sorry, its my fault with you.

Of course, if there is a choice, who wants to be sorry? Everyone wants to be worthy.

Xiaosi also asked me if all her reactions were a little fussy. Would it seem that she had never seen anything in the world? After all, modern men and women seem to be cheating as common as ordinary things, but I just cant accept it.

I dont think so. Its not a storm in a teacup. Its heartache that some people will never feel. Its really sad and heartbroken.

Tiktok is easy to understand a person, and its easier to know a lot of people. You can know hot girl in micro-blog City, or you can slide to eight abdominal muscles in various social software, or brush your neighbor and her dog on the jitter, or you can meet some handsome little meat in the nightclub. Its too easy.

But the easier it is, the more we should cherish a persons sincerity. I am not without temptation, but I am willing to be sincere and loyal to you.

You see, Im anti human. You should cherish it.

Its OK. Youve told me so much. Ive also exchanged secrets with you. Then we can encourage each other. We can put everything in love first. Lets plan a happy single life. I changed the subject.

How can it get worse? I want to try that, too.

I dont know about the details, because my life is quite regular, and the whole person is pretty good. I dont even have a tattoo. The only thing that makes me so bad about a woman is smoking, but its not bad.

Fish farming? Be king of the sea? Having sex with different men? Bar every day? Frequent nightclubs? ... Xiaosi and I are in trouble together. She doesnt know whats bad. I dont know. I dont even smoke.

My God, how can it get worse? How can you enjoy your single life happily?

Can anyone come and teach us! How can a woman in her thirties go bad!