[exclusive] New Civic interior effect picture?

 [exclusive] New Civic interior effect picture?

New civic interior patent map

1. The interior layout has been greatly improved

According to the interior patent map of the new car and the effect drawing drawn by us, the overall interior layout of the new car is completely different from that of the current model, which is closer to the interior style of the new accord, but the details are different.

For example, the transverse air outlet and trim panel style under the independent central control panel are narrower and longer than the inverted trapezoidal air outlet of accord; at the same time, the buttons in each functional area are also closer to the current models.

Auto 163 new car effect map

The patent map exposed by foreign media before (source CIVICXI.com )

The change is obvious

The tail light of () is cancelled

The () bracket shaped taillights of the current civic were removed and replaced by a hook shape closer to the current accord; the benefit of this design is still to stretch the visual width effect. In order to improve the sportiness and aerodynamic performance of the whole car, the new car also uses the duckling tail spoiler design at the end of the trunk. In addition, the hidden exhaust design is used under the rear of the car, but the rear bumper uses the double outlet exhaust design.

Change the car run to three compartment

The C-pillar line of the current Civic is very smooth, which makes the whole body side create a shape close to the car running type. The new Civic has changed this style. The design of the C-pillar and the trunk adopts the traditional three compartment model, which also makes the side lines of the whole car more slender. At the same time, the new car continues the current double waistline design, and adds chrome plating decoration for the upper part of the side window line, which makes the whole vehicle more advanced in appearance. In addition, the new cars exterior rearview mirror position is also changed to the door.

Cash civic 1.5T engine

3. Predictable power specifications

According to Hondas product planning and network information, it is speculated that the new generation Civic will not only provide fuel version power, but also provide Hondas latest e: HEV hybrid system; however, there is no clear information about plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicle models; and Honda has confirmed that there will be no Si version and type version in the future three compartment models.


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