Recitation: time goes with a smile, and warmth comes from the heart

 Recitation: time goes with a smile, and warmth comes from the heart

Its a long life. Its better to listen to other peoples stories a thousand times. Its better to do ones own thing with ones heart. Choose, let yourself stand in a quiet position, to see the worlds bustling, the bustling place, there must be the worlds thickest fireworks; that clean and comfortable place, there is also a different realm of life.

Give yourself a belief, do not panic all the way, peace of mind, from weak to strong. The result is worth looking forward to, but the process of growth is more wonderful freehand brushwork. If you want to get something, the best way is through your own efforts, worthy of its own. Only by relying on their own harvest, can we feel the joy and sense of achievement. Adhere to, in order to have thousands of mountains and rivers, no one can make efforts to shine people, easily pull into the dark.

When there is no one to help you, you should stand up straight. After all, the road is blocked and long, and the line is coming. There is no need to cater to the worlds hot and cold, and do not care about the warm and cold human feelings. Believe in yourself first, no matter when. On the way to growth, dont underestimate our ability to change. The injuries we have suffered will surely make us stronger.

There is no road in vain in life. The tears, the bitterness, the grievances and helplessness will help you gradually understand the world, and quietly erase the innocence and ignorance on your face.

Time in the hourglass, the sand flow is time, wind and rain baptism, the gradual transformation of the soul. Instead of spending too much time and energy to know and cater to some unimportant passers-by, it is better to spend more time and energy to understand themselves and the people who accompany them in life. If a person can forgive your mistakes because of your little good, then please cherish them and treat them with care, because many people in this world forget all your good because of your little mistakes.

Time goes with a smile, and warmth comes from the heart. Without impetuousness, we can be indifferent; without comparison, we can be calm. Clean life, pure good from beginning to end, honest work, do not deceive people. If you give to others, you will benefit yourself. Regardless of the length of the rest of your life, you should give yourself a period of soft years, let your soul blossom quietly, let your heart be pure and peaceful, and let your years be leisurely yearning, but you will still be happy in the morning and evening, and the four seasons will be like songs.

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