Zhang Zhichao did not sign the national compensation agreement because he did not reach an agreement with Linyi intermediate peoples court

 Zhang Zhichao did not sign the national compensation agreement because he did not reach an agreement with Linyi intermediate peoples court

Zhang Zhichao was acquitted after 15 years in custody. Photographer: Niu Qichang

Zhang Zhichao, a man from Linshu, Shandong Province, was found innocent in a retrial after being detained for 15 years. On October 19, 2020, interface news learned from his lawyers office that Zhang Zhichao would receive state compensation of about 3.32 million yuan.

Zhang Zhichao will go to Linyi intermediate peoples Court of Shandong Province on the morning of October 20 to sign for state compensation, Li Xun, Zhang Zhichaos lawyer, told interface news. The 3.32 million yuan state compensation includes 1.889 million yuan for personal freedom and about 1.33 million yuan for spiritual damage.

In this regard, Zhang Zhichao confirmed, I dont think anyone will exchange his 15 years of youth for these compensations, and these compensations can not make up for the freedom I lost and the humiliation and pain I suffered in these 15 years. Zhang Zhichao said that it has been more than four months since the state compensation application was submitted in June this year. There was a delay in the process and a meeting and negotiation with the judge of Linyi intermediate peoples court. The final amount of compensation was 3.32 million yuan.

Interface news previously reported that on the morning of January 10, 2005, a girl student in the second middle school of Linshu County in Shandong Province suddenly disappeared. A month later, the girls body was found in a schoolboys washroom. According to the investigation of Linshu County Public Security Bureau, Zhang Zhichao, a senior one student under the age of 16, raped and killed. In March 2006, Zhang Zhichao was sentenced to life imprisonment for rape. Wang Guangchao, a classmate of Zhang Zhichao, was sentenced to three years imprisonment and three years probation by the court for the crime of shielding.

Zhang Zhichao insisted that he was not guilty during his sentence. After the complaint was repeatedly rejected, on November 16, 2017, the Supreme Court of the peoples Republic of China made a retrial decision after examination, finding that the fact that the defendant Zhang Xiaochao raped and killed another defendant, Wang Zhaochao, was not clear about his cover up, and there was a contradiction between the main evidences, and ordered the Shandong Higher Peoples court to retrial the case.

Wang Dianxue, an attorney in charge of the retrial of Zhang Zhichaos case, said in an interview with the interface news that the key to the Supreme Courts decision on Retrial lies in the existence of various doubts in the case. In this case, not only the material evidence is scarce and the confession is contradictory, but also there are various loopholes in the evidence. In the investigation stage, Zhang Zhichao made a guilty confession when he was tortured to extort a confession.

After six postponements, on December 5, 2019, the retrial of Zhang Zhichaos rape and murder case was held in Zibo City Central Court. Shandong Provincial Procuratorate, the public prosecutor, said in the trial that the facts of the case were not clear and the evidence was insufficient. It suggested that the Shandong high court should re judge Zhang Zhichao as innocent according to law.

On January 13, 2020, the higher peoples Court of Shandong Province pronounced a retrial judgment on Zhang Zhichaos case in the middle court of Zibo City, revoking the previous criminal incidental civil judgment made by Linyi intermediate peoples court, and found Zhang Zhichao and Wang Guangchao innocent.

After that, on June 1, Yuan Feng, a lawyer of Beijing Dayu law firm, accepted the entrustment of Zhang Zhichao and formally submitted an application for state compensation to Linyi intermediate peoples court, requesting a total of 7.889 million yuan of state compensation, including 1.889 million yuan of personal freedom compensation and 6 million yuan of mental injury compensation.

Finally, Zhang Zhichao will receive 3.32 million yuan of state compensation. He said that he would give the compensation to his mother, because it is not only a personal compensation for me, but also a compensation for my mothers injuries and grievances for so many years, and it is also a guarantee for her.. For the next step of the plan, Zhang Zhichao made it clear that he hoped to investigate the legal responsibility of those who handled the case.

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