Netease Research Bureau economist recommendation list: 25 books to enhance the pattern of vision!

 Netease Research Bureau economist recommendation list: 25 books to enhance the pattern of vision!

Books are the ladder of human growth and progress. Recently, Netease Research Bureau visited 12 well-known economists in China and selected 25 good books they were reading. Do you want to improve your vision and pattern? Come and get the book list from the chief editor of the Research Bureau.

Wei Jianguo (former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce and vice president of China International Economic Exchange Center)

Yu Yongding, member of the academic department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Zhang Jun (Dean of School of economics, Fudan University)

Tian Xuan (vice president and professor of finance, Wudaokou School of finance, Tsinghua University)

Wang Yongjun (director, government budget Research Center, Central University of Finance and Economics)

Shi Jinchuan (Dean of Financial Research Institute, Zhejiang University)

Zhu Ning (vice president of Shanghai Advanced Finance College, Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Teng Tai (president of Wanbo New Economic Research Institute)

He Liping, Professor, Department of finance, School of economics and business administration, Beijing Normal University

Zhang Wei (chief macro researcher of Kunlun Health asset management)

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