Bayi mens basketball team is ready to leave early

 Bayi mens basketball team is ready to leave early

The Chinese Basketball Association received a letter from the military sports training center of the training management department of the Central Military Commission on October 19. According to the letter, Bayi mens basketball team will no longer participate in CBA and WCBA leagues in the future. The Chinese Basketball Association has asked the relevant league management agencies to properly handle the follow-up matters in accordance with regulations

The Basketball Association said that since the establishment of the Bayi mens and womens basketball team, it has continuously provided excellent players to the national team and made an indelible contribution to the development of Chinas basketball cause. The Bayi spirit will continue to inspire Chinese basketball players to keep their original intention and forge ahead.

Where will the players play if they dont play on August 1?

In fact, as early as more than two months ago, Bayi mens basketball team completed its mission and quit CBA news has spread widely on social networks.

However, at that time, Liu Yudong, the leader of Bayi mens basketball team, denied: the training and work of the team are normal. I thank the fans for their love. If they dont believe the rumors, they dont spread them.

Although CBA has given Bayi mens basketball players a green light to register, the team still hasnt been able to register by the end of September deadline.

In addition, according to the CBA official show, the Bayi teams previous schedule was all to be determined, and because it did not appear in the match with Beijing Shougang, CBAs first game 0-20 was defeated.

After the news was announced on the 20th, the whereabouts of Bayi mens basketball players has aroused great concern and discussion.

Judging from the current situation, neither CBA nor the Bayi mens basketball official has given a specific explanation, but only made a statement: China Basketball Association has asked relevant league management organizations to properly handle the follow-up matters in accordance with regulations.

However, according to Netease, Tencent and some basketball commentators who know about the situation, Bayi players are in the process of becoming professional players to join other CBA teams.

If the news is true, then Zou Yuchen, Fu Hao, Raymond and Alston, the main players of Bayi mens basketball team, are likely to become the big fish in the free market in the future.

As early as a few months ago, domestic media reported that Liaoning mens basketball team had been very eager to get Fu Hao, while Guangdong mens basketball team, Xinjiang mens basketball team and Beijing Shougang showed strong interest in Zou Yuchen.

Zou Yuchen also paid attention to the Xinjiang mens basketball team before August this year, which inevitably provided the outside world with a huge imagination space

In fact, as early as two seasons ago, when Bayi mens basketball team specially invited to participate in the CBA League, things had already laid the groundwork.

Fubang group and Bayi hand in hand originated from the sponsorship relationship. After the Basketball Association launched the CBA admission system, the two sides finally reached an agreement to establish Bayi Fubang basketball club on December 22, 2006. The two parties agreed that the club was established with a capital of 100000 years before its establishment. Among them, Fubang group contributed 10.2 million yuan and the club was controlled by Fubang group.

At that time, in the ownership structure of CBA company, Bayi Fubang Club owned 5% of the shares, while Fubang group accounted for 51% of the shares in the club, which was the major shareholder.

According to the regulations, the Bayi mens basketball team can not continue to participate in the League after the cooperation between the two sides is terminated.

However, because Fubang group could not build a professional team for a while, and Bayi mens basketball team also had the task of preparing for the 7th military games in 2019, CBA chose the form of invitation system to let Bayi continue to participate in the league.

In fact, before the Chinese Basketball Association officially announced that Bayi mens basketball team would not participate in this seasons CBA League, many teams including Bayi womens basketball team, Bayi mens volleyball team and Bayi womens volleyball team did not appear in their respective professional leagues.

In fact, many sports teams representing the August 1 have left the professional sports stage one after another, and have been carrying out step by step.

As early as the end of 2017, Shao Tingting, a former Bayi womens basketball player, personally confirmed that the Bayi sports team was transferred to the military sports training center of the training management department of the Central Military Commission. Subsequently, on February 25, 2018, according to the global times, peoples daily, as an official media, confirmed for the first time that military sports units were also part of the military reform.

Previously, the PLAs sports units were mainly composed of the Bayi sports team and the Bayi military sports brigade. According to the global times, the eight in one industrial team, which has jurisdiction over basketball, volleyball, track and field, table tennis, weightlifting, gymnastics, beach volleyball and swimming, was transferred to the military sports training center of the training management department of the Central Military Commission at the end of December 2017.

At the end of 2016, the Bayi military sports brigade, which has five teams, namely shooting, military pentathlon, modern pentathlon, fencing and triathlon (including cycling), was transferred from the former military training department of the General Staff Department to the training management department of the Central Military Commission at the end of 2016.

Guo Jianzhong, director of the training management department of the Central Military Commission and the office of the Executive Committee of the military games, also said earlier that the reform has realized the unified management, strength optimization and resource intensification of the professional sports team of the whole army. The biggest highlight is the addition of military characteristic projects such as navy five events, air force five events and directional cross-country, so that the military sports team can further fight against the service forces Focus on the construction

It is worth mentioning that in July 2019, the Chinese government website released the white paper Chinas national defense in a new era, which clearly states that:

Change, bring more professional CBA League

This champion teacher was the cradle of Chinas national mens basketball team, including Wang Zhizhi, the first Chinese player to officially land in the NBA, Li Nan, the former coach of the national team, and Liu Yudong, the God of war of CBA League. All of them were trained by Bayi mens basketball team.

However, with the rapid development of the professionalization of CBA League, the departure or retirement of a group of old players including liuyudong, Wang Zhizhi, Moco and wangzhongguang, and the gradual release of CBA foreign aid policy, the competitive advantage of Bayi mens basketball team in the field gradually disappears

In the past few seasons, Bayi mens basketball team has been struggling in the lower reaches of the league. Last season, they ranked the penultimate of 20 teams in the league with a dismal record of 6-40.

While CBA encourages the flow of personnel and professional managers of other 19 teams are planning strategies, Bayi mens basketball team has almost no relevant information.

Bayi mens basketball team bid farewell to CBA, leaving a generation or even several generations of peoples memories of Chinese basketball. However, reform is also an important step for CBA League to continue to promote professionalism, and also an experience to help CBA become more mature.

Bayi mens basketball team left the field with the honor of eight crown, but their spirit and style of bravery, tenacity, courage to fight, unity and cooperation will continue to stay in the CBA arena, shining on every player and coach who once wore the Bayi shirt.

Extended reading Basketball Association announced the withdrawal of Bayi mens basketball team! Since then, there is no military division in the league. It is very difficult for Bayi players to complete the transfer this year, or they will not be able to collectively this season. Du Feng: when he left Xinjiang, he most wanted to go to August 1. He didnt have a chance to go to Guangdong. Source: surging news Author: Ma Zuoyu, editor in charge: Tan Haotian_ NBJS12258