Cui Peng: the person I hate most is KUKA, who once refused to let me into the club

 Cui Peng: the person I hate most is KUKA, who once refused to let me into the club

The person I hate most is KUKA (I basically didnt say this word). The contradiction between him and me is no longer the contradiction between the players and the coach. I dont know where the contradiction lies, because I was confused because I made a military order at that time, and after I lost weight, many Shandong media were present to witness the success of weight loss. After weight loss, they began to play

At that time, I remember that the first game should be Luneng playing in the Asian championship, and then there were some problems in some things. Maybe because of the differences in culture and communication, his ideas were different from mine. My original intention was to be good for the team, for the good of the club, and for all the players. At that time, we had to carry something like GPS in training matches, and then some players didnt react very well Comfortable. Maybe playing the game will have some influence. At that time, as the vice captain of the team, Wang Yongpo didnt play the game. So I communicated with the coach and asked for the coachs opinion. He said at that time, if you dont want to wear it, you should not wear it. I said its not me, its everyone. So he thought it was my personal problem. There are many other similar problems, because, after all, we cant communicate directly with each other in language, and we need others to convey them, and there will be errors in communication.

I remember that in the first game of the Asian Championship and a team from Southeast Asia, the result was not very ideal. It happened that the national team was training. It seems that Fu Bo led the team at that time. Fus Guide heard that I had lost weight successfully, so let me have a look. At that time, KUKA himself was very puzzled. How could this boy still go to the national team? Luneng seemed to go to the national team only one or two at that time It seems to be participating in the East Asian top four, but I also have a little injury. I bit my teeth and kicked the ball at half-time, as if I took the second place. Later, I came back to prepare for the Asian Championship and communicated with the coach. After the communication, I said that we had settled the past. For Gods sake, I remember very clearly how long it has been. Why can I remember so deeply is because I hated so much at that time. Then he said that we helped each other, and then I said no problem. As a player, as long as I can make me train and play normally, I have no problem. Then the team playing Japan away, I started and we won. At that time, he didnt expect to win Japan, then he went on to play Korea, and then he was leveled by the opponent with a 2-0 lead. These are good processes, nothing much Questions.

But later in the league, his attitude changed, and I dont know what I did. I was training and playing. Maybe he thought I was a bit of a gangster or something, because Im not that kind of person. Even when the Luneng team grew up, there was no such thing in the club. Our players are very simple, just want to play well and be happy. This led to another problem. At that time, everyone said that I would ruin my future. At that time, he told the club that I could not come to training. I dont know why, even the door of the club could not enter and didnt want to see me again. Before the league match, there was a strain when I got used to training before the match. Then I said I couldnt play. At that time, he might think that I aimed at him and pretended to be intentional. The team doctor was also Brazilian at that time, so he went to the hospital to arrange films. It was also a strain and needed rest. But I dont know how to communicate between them. Maybe there are some deviations between them I didnt want to see this person when he said that he couldnt come to the club for training. Then, the leader of the club told him that he wanted to give me a chance because it was not easy to lose weight. He said that, lets take training and Ill quit. Then how can the manager of the club make a decision?

Including a lot of things later, no one else knows what I bear, and then I wont be allowed to train or enter the club. What do you want me to do? Ill go to other clubs to train and keep in shape. Ill break the contract and break the rules. I still have a contract for three and a half years in Luneng. What do you want me to do? I cant go to the reserve team at that time, but I cant be here, so you say As a player, what can I do besides stay at home? I also hope to play some games, including the pictures on the Internet saying that I played wild ball. I dont know what kind of wild ball game I played, because they were some members of the old Shandong team. They went to the game and we helped. I didnt think there would be media and fans. I didnt expect that there would be so many people on the Internet at that time. So sometimes I said, why do you conflict with the media? Maybe you can have a good chat at that time. On the contrary, it is these people who criticize and criticize on the Internet. So some things are still very accidental, these things are really not said once, hold in the heart for a long time, this is KUKAs first year up

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