Beijing: two tables of hotpot restaurant fight with each other and men try to change it into a fight

 Beijing: two tables of hotpot restaurant fight with each other and men try to change it into a fight

Reporter street found that basically most people will choose to pull the front, calm point will choose to separate the two sides, not calm will choose to pull the partial frame, but we do not know, this pull frame is also likely to get legal responsibility, the following Mr. Li encountered such a situation.

On January 3, 2020, in a hotpot shop in Dongcheng District, two groups of guests were having dinner. The guests at one table collided with the guests at the next table because their stools leaned back. Subsequently, the two parties quarreled. After drinking wine, two groups of guests fought each other.

Mr. Li was one of the guests at one of the tables. Seeing that his friend had a fight with each other, Mr. Li rushed to the front to fight with each other. However, both parties were in a state of drunkenness. Instead of fighting, he was entangled with each other.

Subsequently, the shop assistant called the police, and the police took all the two sides back to the station for treatment after knowing the situation. According to the identification, Gengs forehead suture wound constitutes grade I slight injury, and grade II minor injury is caused by missing teeth. Fracture of inferior orbital wall of right eye constitutes grade II minor injury, with other minor injuries; while the other one is slightly injured. Finally, Li and his friends were detained by Dongcheng public security bureau according to law for the crime of provocation.

Subsequently, the case was transferred to the Dongcheng procuratorate. As for Mr. Lis situation, the prosecutor compared the surveillance video while making a field visit to investigate.

The prosecutor said that in this case, although Mr. Li was fighting, he did have the act of beating others, which has constituted a crime. However, due to his minor circumstances and active negotiation with the victim to reach compensation during his bail pending trial, Dongcheng procuratorate decided to punish Li according to Article 37 of the criminal law of the peoples Republic of China Mr. Zhang will not prosecute and will not be held criminally responsible.

Just as Mr. Li told the reporter, although he knew that there would be legal risks, but out of the loyalty of his friends, he still rushed forward. If there was a similar situation, what problems should we pay attention to?.

Lawyer Liu Ning points out: seeing a friend fight with others after drinking is certainly right, but there are two points to pay attention to. First, you can only fight but not participate in the fight; second, you cant pull the side frame, otherwise you will be considered by the police as participating in the fight, not fighting; there are many behaviors causing trouble after drinking, and the ability to control your own behavior after drinking is decreased, which is easy to be impulsive The legal consequences of conflict with others are very serious at this time. If the conflict causes more than minor injury to others, it is likely to be investigated for criminal responsibility according to the crime of intentional injury. Even if the consequences of minor injury are not caused, they may also be investigated for criminal responsibility because of provocation. Those who are not investigated for criminal responsibility will also be punished by public security. So it is not after drinking Any lighter or lighter reason to deal with, so we must control their own behavior, do not try by example.

Reporter: Zhang hang, camera: Liu Hang

Editor: Pang Xue editor in chief: Jellyfish

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