Whether China is good or not, we will know only when we go! Famous American TV producer: ten things I like about China

 Whether China is good or not, we will know only when we go! Famous American TV producer: ten things I like about China

Graphic: Josh Selig (right) plays with Chinese table tennis coach. Pictures provided by interviewees

Materials and pictures: poster of the animation program bean duckling jointly produced by small aircraft production and Chinese partner Youyang media. Pictures provided by interviewees

Trust was ranked first by Selig. At first, he didnt understand why his Chinese colleagues wanted him to fly 14 hours to China for a meeting? I see now that you cant make eye contact online, you need to sit opposite them, you need to have dinner with them Only in this way can we build trust, and only trust can ensure a long-term business relationship.

The second is patience. Selig said he was an acute person and wanted to finish everything as soon as possible. China taught me that waiting is a good thing. In the process of waiting, you can really understand your colleagues, new companies or opportunities What comes gradually over time is more lasting, and any real value takes time to realize.

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A close-up of Josh Selig. Pictures provided by interviewees

The third is modesty. Seliger found that most Chinese are modest, and few show off their achievements to others. He asked his wife from Harbin about this. While personal achievements are important to Chinese people, we hope that they can also help our families, communities, countries and the world, his wife told him

The fourth is discipline. Seliger said the Chinese peoples focus and determination have never been experienced anywhere else. They have built their country into the worlds second largest economy for decades, and they have quickly and effectively controlled the spread of the new coronavirus. When Chinese aspire to do something, they work very hard and tactfully, and usually succeed.

The fifth is progress. From education to the rule of law to respect for intellectual property rights, everything in China is making rapid progress. There is no doubt that China is gradually moving towards a more open society, and international business standards have become a part of peoples daily lives. If not, will small airplanes, Disneyland, Lego and Universal Pictures enter China?

The tenth is innovation. Speaking of this, Selig mentioned one of his favorite places in Beijing, 798 Art District. There are a lot of galleries and cafes, and the graffiti on the walls is as artistic as the graffiti on the walls of Winwood, Miami. He also said that the Chinese team he has worked with, from screenwriters, directors, designers to animators, is as talented as his European and American counterparts and keeps pace with the times.

In an era of Internet noise, misinterpretation and error information, Seliger concluded, the only thing he could believe was personal, direct experience. China is impressive in my past 30 years. I dont mean China is perfect - no country is perfect - but what I want to say is that China is a great and worthy of our respect.