Pre sale of 2088-258800 Rongwei imax8 to be listed on the 31st

 Pre sale of 2088-258800 Rongwei imax8 to be listed on the 31st


SAIC Roewe officially announced that it will pay a deposit of 1888 yuan during the pre-sale period and enjoy three kinds of gifts: super long warranty (pre-sale customers enjoy the five-year and 150000 km original vehicle warranty), priority car collection gift (pre-sale customers have the priority to pick up the car), and exclusive customization gift (pre-sale customers can get a free gift of new winners exclusive customized tea set). The deposit can offset the equivalent purchase money, and the pre-sale customers can enjoy all the rights and interests of listing.

[new car knowledge] New

1. Digital rhythm design language

The front of the rimax8 (parameter picture) adopts digital rhythm design language. The brand-new parametric design Ronglin grille runs through the whole front of the car from top to bottom, which is full of momentum and is very eye-catching. The light wing through headlamp on both sides is sharp in shape, and the three unit modeling elements are used in the interior lamp group. The flat and wide PES lens is more stereo and profound.

The body side, through waistline and prominent wheel arch increase the new cars sense of hierarchy and make the shape more moving. The B / C pillar is blackened, and the D-pillar has a silver trim, creating the effect of a floating roof. The new car adopts a new design of two-color five wheel hub, each of which is formed by two silver trim strips and a highlight black trim strip, which is exquisite and sporty.

At the rear of the car body, the new car has a strong sense of hierarchy. There is a spoiler at the top, and a through chrome strip in the middle is integrated into the flow tail lights of nebula on both sides. The internal broken line LED light belt is dynamic and powerful, and it is matched with the quadrangular solid geometric unit, so the visual effect is very prominent. In addition, the new car adopts the hidden exhaust design, and the rear surround appears flat and simple.

2. Comfortable space

* first class decompression seat

Ventilation, massage, heating, electric lumbar support

In terms of riding experience, the seat is soft and supportive, and the cloud cloud air permeability technology with high air permeability creates perfect ventilation and ventilation effect. The seat ventilation, massage, heating, electric lumbar support and other functions are available. The angle of the back and leg support can be adjusted to 63 degrees which is most suitable for long-distance travel. The headrest adopts 30cm ultra wide design, which can hold the whole head perfectly It provides 6-way adjustable angle, 25 degree side lug rotation angle, 5-gear tilt angle, 7-gear height adjustment, plus the widest seat back and lateral support at the same level, which can adapt to different sitting and sleeping positions.

Not only take care of the guests in the VIP seat, Rongwei imax8 also allows each passenger to have their own world. The new car is a few models of the same class that can support the backward and backward movement of the second third row seats. The third row can move 200mm back and forth. The second row can move 360mm, which can not only maximize the space of the trunk, but also make the passengers with height of 180cm raise their legs in the third row.

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3. Intelligent Technology

Roewe imax8 flapping wing IP platform design brings the whole cabin atmosphere of horizontal expansion. The suspended layered surround wood grain veneer is equipped with exquisite and powerful linear chrome plated trim strip, which brings the highlight of the combination of process and linear flow. Through string air outlet integrates the image of strings into the design of instrument panel, and then through the latest flattening molding and electroplating treatment, it creates a sense of science and technology and enriches the level of light and shadow.

Magic Trilogy

As the first mass-produced MPV to realize the design of intelligent interactive space, Rongwei imax8 adheres to the design idea of unbounded space, and has three magic design of magic bar, magic screen and magic sofa.

Magic bar, take care of every passenger. In terms of design, the combination of simple and compact shape, metal texture and extreme luxury complements the overall luxury style of the interior. It is combined with lifting movements and elegant breathing patterns to add a strong sense of ceremony to the trip. The mobile intelligent mini bar can also be controlled by voice, and can shuttle between three rows at will. It also brings coffee and tea sets and hot and cold dual exorcism blocks, which can satisfy all kinds of tastes.

u00b7Magic Screen

u00b7Magic sofa

At the same time, in order to maximize the potential of interior space layout, Rongwei imax8 adopts magic sofa, and the third row of seats can also be moved back and forth. Two modes meet various travel space requirements: first class mode ensures sufficient leg space in the second row, maximizes the sleeping and riding space, and brings VIP enjoyment of lying in the car; under business loading mode, the third row can be seated and folded, When the seat is down, it can slide forward to enlarge the loading space.

* double 12.3-inch smart large screen

Roewe imax8 will also be equipped with 12.3-inch full LCD virtual instrument and 12.3-inch full IPS high-definition suspension touch screen, and built-in D-mark (digital mark) small red frame ar driving virtual safety display to reduce blind area of vision and improve driving safety; equipped with the latest zebra intelligent walking Venus system, it can realize a / b world design, full scene voice interaction, and access to smart home and childrens safety watch to create a thousand People immerse themselves in the Internet experience. In terms of color matching, the new car offers two choices: optical blue and silicon crystal white sailing color, and cangyu color, which is the main color of deep sky black, to deduce the theme of adventure in Wonderland.

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