Old sugar factory transformed into industrial wind Hotel

 Old sugar factory transformed into industrial wind Hotel

Surrounded by green mountains and green waters, the hotel stands erect. The rough appearance of the old factory reveals the aesthetic feeling of primitive industrial style. A few big white characters instantly immerse people in the past of history.

The riverside swimming pool is the representative symbol of the hotel. It was originally the wharf set up by the old sugar factory to load and unload sugarcane raw materials. The designer retained the original frame, showing the historical charm of the ancient architecture.

The old building is the hotel lobby and lounge. The sunken disc-shaped design makes people level with the ground. The bright red symbolizes the sweet feeling of the old sugar factory.

02 new architecture: modern integration of natural landform

The hollowed out brick wall reflects the smoothness of the building, and the art of light and shadow shuttles back and forth in the gap.

When the light is on at night, the art of light and shadow between the brick walls is more moving.

In the residential area, the transparent French windows show the beauty of Yangshuo mountains and waters in front of every passenger. You can experience the tranquility and beauty in front of you when you live.

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