Introduction to the study of fooling?

 Introduction to the study of fooling?

The origin of fooling is that a Douban netizen @ fish fishing a Tang saw a micro blog with a wild style of operation when he was surfing the Internet. Because the most blog posts are all kinds of cluck - cluck - Da, so he was called by his chairman and suspected that he was fooling his work all day.

Originally it was just for a whim, but it has unexpectedly attracted more than 100000 people to share cases and experiences, to study together, and to carry forward the profound meaning of fooling.

The use of trick learning has opened up a new style of writing and even a new school of thought. It can not only make the annoying teacher mad, but also provide a reference model for other students. It can be called the Savior of the operation field!

Homework to fool, not to do homework also to fool. Making up all kinds of reasons to fool the teacher and cover up the heart of not completing the homework on time is the only way for every child to grow up.

Children always have endless homework, adults always have endless work.

The tricks in the workplace can be described as various and colorful. If you want to use it freely, you need more practice.

A paste expert who has worked in public institutions for many years has summed up a set of unique tricks. From choosing some work that leaders cant verify, promise to do it, and then dont do it to relying on omnipotent diarrhea to escape various meetings, this professional paste expert has shown the vast number of social animals with his rich professional experience and personal actionsu201c Fishing at work and performing after work.

In the face of wechat half baked people sent bargaining links, help activities, throw out the already prepared screenshots, do not need to say anything, everything is easy to understand~

In terms of wechat chat, if you want to make the other party feel that you are not fooling, one of the most important skills is repetition.

For example, you reply: yes -- appear more indifferent!

Lets feel it again: change good to good and good, and refueling to refueling ~

and so on......

The so-called practice makes perfect is to accumulate experience in daily life, sum up methods with heart, and learn from the shallow to the deep, especially the accumulation of vocabulary, which is particularly important.

After accumulating enough vocabulary, we should know how to flexibly apply the universal muddle sentence pattern: exclamation + evaluation + feeling.

As you go deeper into the study of fooling, you will find that everything can be fooled. Workplace, social, love, and even a new branch of hoax -- apology theory.

And the most advanced trick is to fool yourself.

The most typical cases used in this session of young people are:

There are also some high-level paste experts, in learning and procrastination on their own really cruel and cruel - to fool their own brains, reverse to overcome procrastination.

In life, it is not easy to do everything well. Although many people make complaints about learning and losing Buddhism, they are full of evasion. Sometimes, fooling is not a perfunctory and insincere embodiment. On the other hand, it seems more like an optimistic philosophy.

After all, the ultimate meaning of fooling lies in using the energy saved, doing what you think is really important, and loving people who are really worthy of love.

Finally, fat editor also sincerely hope that everyone can be more positive in the follow-up, and do not fool fat Bian any more.

Learn cold knowledge, in the fat small class!

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