Explore the castle in the air on the cliff of Luzhou

 Explore the castle in the air on the cliff of Luzhou

Entrance trellis: built with heavy bamboo and steel, a 60 meter long green plant tunnel is constructed to enhance the depth of space. This paper chooses triangle plum of Xi Yang as climbing vine plant, and the whirling shadow of trees reflects the framework of heavy bamboo.

Treehouse: after crossing the trestle road in the forest, it is a treehouse. The space of this building is low, and the roof is suspended, which exudes a light sense of Zen. When the house meets the tree, it forms a mottled and beautiful spot, reflecting the respect and respect for nature. The surrounding walls of the room are designed for panoramic projection, showing the scene of wine making.

Wine Show Hall: go down through the tree yard to the wine show hall. High wine racks are arranged on both sides of the exhibition hall. Mirrors are set on the ceiling and the ground to reflect for many times, creating an infinite space experience and floating through it.

Wine tasting Pavilion: select the pavilions and Pavilions in Chinese classical architecture as the basic prototype, and use contemporary techniques to express the traditional meaning. Buildings in the air, far-reaching eaves, surrounded by water, is very suitable for wine in the wind, overlooking.

Inclined elevator: the inclined elevator stands against the mountain, creating a magnificent momentum of Wei Wei.

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