Zhongshan 232 flat 4-storey townhouse sold for 6.5 million 7 meters high living room

 Zhongshan 232 flat 4-storey townhouse sold for 6.5 million 7 meters high living room

The left side of the restaurant is the location of the kitchen. The kitchen adopts the L-shaped design. The division of labor between the washing and cooking areas is clear and the moving line is reasonable. The beige background wall gives the kitchen a warm feeling. You can enjoy the happy atmosphere when cooking here.

The first floor is equipped with an elderly room, so that the elderly can walk to the room without climbing stairs. There are also comfortable sofas in it. This design is also humanized.

The living room of this villa is designed in American style as a whole. It is a high-end atmosphere with high-end temperament! The 7-meter high-rise living room is the most attractive place in the whole room, and it will be very face-saving to receive guests here.

There are two suites on the second floor, each with its own bathroom. Independent bathroom design, can bring more comfortable home life to everyone in the family. The oil painting background wall of the bedroom and the blue and green checkered wallpaper reveal a strong American style.

The third floor is the location of the master bedroom, the space is relatively spacious, and there is a balcony, you can sit here to drink tea or enjoy the scenery ~ the ceiling of the master bedroom is a spire design, creating a kind of loft space effect.

There is also a large balcony opposite the master bedroom. The balcony is divided into two parts, separated by glass. The indoor area serves as the study function. The outdoor area is a small garden, where you can plant some flowers and plants. The family barbecue party is also a good place~

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