On the first anniversary of the girls death in Dalian, her mother fell to the ground with mourning and trembling

 On the first anniversary of the girls death in Dalian, her mother fell to the ground with mourning and trembling

It was a heartbreaking moment that he Meiling had never had before. She struggled like a drowning man. It was the death of her daughter that destroyed her. It was also the death of her daughter that supported her again, because she wanted to give her daughter a result.

eath anniversary

At about 6:00 a.m. on October 20, he Meiling couldnt sleep any more. She had a lot of dreams and could not sleep steadily. She simply got up and looked around to see if there was anything missing.

As early as a few days ago, he Meiling began to prepare Qiqis annual sacrifice. Her childrens favorite cakes, drumsticks, watercolor pens, drawing paper and school uniforms sent by school teachers before were too late for Qiqi to wear.

Qiqi loved to wear beautiful clothes before her death. He Meiling would buy her new clothes every season. After Qi Qi Qi left, she still kept the habit. A mint green coat, a bottomed dress, and very thick lotus colored cotton trousers. He Meiling laid it out carefully on the bed and folded it. She wanted to burn it to her children. She was always worried that Qiqi would be cold in another world.

At about 9 oclock, reporters came to the house one after another. More than 60 people in the room got up. Wang Jiuzhang stood in front of his daughters picture for a long time. For a long time after her daughters accident, it seemed that the mute button had been pressed at home. He Meiling and her husband Wang Jiuzhang stopped working, and the fruit and vegetable shop they had run had been taken care of by relatives. Her sons high school entrance examination results were not ideal, so he went to live in a vocational high school. The husband and wife made some food at home and managed to cope with it in one day.

(at this intersection, the monitoring screen records Qi Qis figure at last.)

The location of the missing is narrowed down to the only ten meter long road in front of CAI Minzhes house. When she turns the corner, Qiqi can go back to the fruit and vegetable store, but she never comes back. Instead, she lies in the Bush opposite Cai Minzhes house with her clothes untidy.

At 11:00 p.m., Cai Minzhe, 13, was arrested as a major suspect. According to police reports, Cai Minzhe quickly gave the facts of the crime.

The police did not disclose any more detailed details of the crime. He Meilings younger brother saw the last picture of Qiqi from the police. Qiqi was taken home by Cai Minzhe.

He Meiling later learned that CAI Minzhe pinched Qi Qi Qis neck and stabbed him seven times cruelly. According to Caixin, police authorities said there was no large amount of blood at the scene of the crime, and the bleeding of the victims mainly nestled in the chest / abdominal cavity. Cai Minzhes motive was related to sexual impulse, but no sexual assault was found in the autopsy.

October 27, 2019 is the first seven days of Qiqi. Dalian citizens who come to mourn are full of flowers and wreaths outside Cai Minzhes house, and Qiqis portrait is hung on the balcony of CAI Minzhes house.

(flowers in front of the place where Qi Qi was killed)

One day in advance, he Meiling and her family went to the scene to rearrange the flowers and put them in several rows.

At about ten oclock in the morning of October 20, he Meiling squatted on the ground and arranged the prepared sacrifices one by one. She and grandma Qiqi were sorting out and talking to their children, Qiqi, mother misses you so much... She cried and fell to the ground, her relatives hugged her, she shivered, there were neighborhood neighbors standing beside, quietly wiping tears.

a knot in ones heartu2014emotional entanglement

I often wonder, if only I had received the child that day. Would Qiqi not have died? He Meiling was bound by the pain of remorse and guilt.

The day of the incident was originally a normal Sunday. At about 2:00 a.m., he Meiling went to the market to buy goods according to the Convention. Wang Jiuzhang asked the two children to get up and do their homework at 9:00. At noon, he Meiling went home to cook. She was the childrens favorite braised yellow bone fish and thousand leaf tofu, while Wang Jiuzhang went to the fruit and vegetable store to see the shop.

In her sleep, he Meiling faintly saw Qi Qis small back in red dress. Before she left, she whispered, Mom, Im going to class. Goodbye.

It was 3:25 when she woke up again, as if she was telepathic. She woke up with a start and saw many missed calls from her husbands in her mobile phone.

Qiqi finished class at 3 oclock. The teacher of the art training class said that Qiqi had left school. However, he Meiling and Wang Jiuzhang did not wait for the children.

He Meiling is suddenly nervous. Qiqis tutoring is strict and she wont go to her classmates house to play without parents permission. At that moment, he Meiling very much hoped that the children would just play with their classmates.

That day, I forgot to tell the child that I would wait for me to pick her up. He Meiling said that there are two roads to go home from the art training class. One is the main road facing the street, and the other is a relatively close path, which just passes by Cai Minzhes family. He Meiling told Qiqi to take the road more than once, but Qiqi didnt take it seriously. As a matter of fact, the path is not a secluded trail. The sun is flourishing at 3:00 p.m. and there is a lot of traffic. There are police stations and surveillance cameras on the road.

Some people on the Internet say that we dont care about the children at ordinary times, and throw them to brother Qiqi to give them away. He Meiling felt a little angry. She said that despite the busy business in the store, she and Wang Jiuzhang had raised their daughter very carefully, and it could be said that there were only a few of them when they didnt pick up the children.

Such vigilance does not come out of thin air. As early as before, there was a rumor in the community that there was abnormal harassment following girls. He Meiling did not know who it was, but she kept an eye on it.

(there are white strips hanging in the bushes where Qi Qis body was found)

Wang Jiuzhang was the first to find Qiqi. He flashed his flashlight and saw Qiqis schoolbag and shoes. Then he saw her cold daughter in the bush. Her coat was not neat, her trousers were half down, and she was pressed by several stones and plastic bags.

The police quickly blocked the scene, Cai Minzhes mother Zhuang Jie was also in the crowd. She chatted with he Meilings brother he GUI. I just saw your brother-in-law drilling in the grass. Is there anything wrong?

After arriving, he Meiling collapsed and cried, the police car flashed, and the crowd watched. This scene was made into a small video by Cai Minzhe in the room through her balcony, which was sent to the class group. In the video, the window was covered with black paint, and he Meilings shrill cry and siren cut through the night of the community.

At 8:30 that evening, Cai Minzhe broadcast the process to his classmates in wechat group. In addition to a lot of swearing, he said in the wechat group, its not easy to get out of the list of suspects and go in again. Even if I had my fingerprints and blood, would it be ok? My hands shouldnt be so cheap. At the same time, he comforted himself by saying, I am 14 years old; in the face of doubt, he vowed, thats rape and murder, do I have that color? Before being questioned by the police, he said to his classmates carelessly, the police are looking for me. Ill record it for you. Finally, Cai Minzhe summed up three possibilities: 1. People who know their roots; 2. Perverts; 3. Drunkards.


He Meilings world has been hit by an avalanche that has never been seen in 40 years, making her unable to stand up. She spent most of her time leaning on the head of the bed, wondering, you cant sit down, you have to have a pillow.

Eleven years ago, she and her husband, Wang Jiuzhang, came to Dalian from Inner Mongolia to work. She set up a stall to sell vegetables. Wang opened an excavator. Her life was poor but happy. Not long after, her daughter Qiqi was born, and her family had four children, which attracted the admiration of outsiders.

(Qi Qis father Wang Jiuzhang)

He Meiling has a strong nature and does not admit defeat. At about 2:00 a.m., she and Wang Jiuzhang will go to purchase goods. Because the dishes are not fresh after being late, she has never called for a hard time. She also knows how to be a business person. She always smiles on her face, and all the people who come and go are willing to talk to her. In he Meilings opinion, harmony can make money. She named her fruit and vegetable store Haoyunlai.

For 13-year-old Cai Minzhe, he Meiling doesnt have much impression. This tall and strong teenager often walks by her familys fruit stand and sometimes comes in to buy some fruit, but doesnt talk to each other. He Meiling remembers a pair of grass green tennis shoes that CAI Minzhe wears all year round. She has heard from others that Cai Zeming wore the same pair of shoes when he was taken away by the police that night.

Before that, Zhuang Jie had consulted with he Meiling about childrens education. He Meiling warmly recommended Qiqis trusteeship class to her, which was the only intersection between Qiqi and CAI Minzhe. And Zhuang Jies sister complained to he Meiling about Cai Wei and Zhuang Jies neglect of discipline. If you want money, you can give money, and play games all night.

Cai Wei seems unable to come up with a better way of education. He mentioned to others that he hoped his son would become a soldier after graduating from junior high school. Maybe he would give it to the army for training.

Cai Wei himself only went to junior high school. Born in a remote mountain village in southern Liaoning, he is the only child of his family. After graduating from junior high school, he went to work in Dalian and met Zhuang Jie. After marriage in the village, they returned to Dalian to start seafood business. At that time, the seafood business was booming. Cai Wei made some money and bought a house with a price of 100 yuan in Dalian. On New Years holidays, he drove a truck to take his wife and children home.

The village is a muddy dirt road. Young people often go out to work. Cai Weis parents still live in the village. The house is built next to the vegetable shed. The flat cement ground in front of the door contrasts with the muddy soil road in the village. The villagers said that Cais family had two cherry greenhouses, raised pigs and farmed land. You can get a lot of money a year. Its just that no one can tell whether the cherry greenhouse belongs to Cai Wei or Cai Weis parents.

But its very important for her. On August 10, 2020, the court sentenced Cai Wei and Zhuang Jie to apologize to the provincial level media in Liaoning Province and compensate the family of he Meiling with 1.28 million yuan. However, Cai Wei and Zhuang Jie seemed to have disappeared and never appeared again. Not only did they not apologize, but they did not make any compensation. He Meiling submitted an application for enforcement. Cai Wei and Zhuang Jie were detained for 15 days. Their real estate has entered the auction process. He Meiling is very worried that Cai Wei and other properties will be quietly transferred. After all, last year, Cai Wei also advertised cherries in the greenhouse on the social platform.

(social news by Cai Wei)

He Meiling will read the news and comments on Qiqi carefully, and get comfort and information from netizens. Cai Weis social account is a piece of information she pieced together from the Internet. Cai Weis social account name is I am happy little fat man, and little fat man is his nickname for his son Cai Minzhe. According to the account number, in May this year, Cai Wei released a May Day status, while the other one was directly located in a community in Shahekou District, Dalian. Recently, several news items were accompanied with the words happy Dalian people and really happy to live in Dalian. It seems that his mood has not been affected.

Hes still living in Dalian, but hes hiding from us?! He didnt even apologize at all! He Meiling was indignant and raised her voice several times.


He Meiling doesnt remember when she got out of bed.

Lawyers from all over the country contacted him Meiling, some of them offered to fight lawsuits for her free. He Meiling did not immediately agree. A client in the store recommended Tian Shen Jun lawyer in Beijing to her. He Meiling felt reliable and then embarked on a long way of litigation.

(he Meiling looks through the litigation materials)

At the beginning of 2020, when the epidemic broke out, he Meiling went out almost for one thing - to submit various complaint materials to the court. Black jacket with black pants is the most common dress she wears when she runs for her daughter. Its not appropriate to wear clothes of other colors, and shes not in the mood, she said. In the bedroom, on the top floor of the closet, there are all kinds of materials and documents submitted or received in the case of daughters murder in the past year, which are respectively packed in different official bags. Each piece is very flat and has no trace of being folded.

(CAI Minzhes house is covered with dust)

At the beginning of this year, he Meiling and her daughter were sent to the court for the first time.

That night, he Meiling had a nightmare all night. She dreamed that her daughter was covered with blood and she woke up from crying. Qiqis small bed is placed beside the couples big bed. She often lies on it. Perhaps it is because she has been suffering too much, he Meiling and Wang Jiuzhang tear down the small bed. He Meiling was often the only one in the room, and the room with the cot removed looked more empty.

On the afternoon of October 13, 2020, he Meilings mobile phone information voice suddenly and intensively rings. He Meiling opens the mobile phone page, and many relatives and friends, reporters and even netizens send messages, Qiqi mother, have you seen it? The minimum age of criminal responsibility may be lowered to 12 years old!

He Meiling read the news in tears: the second draft of the criminal law amendment (11) was submitted to the 22nd session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National Peoples Congress for deliberation. The draft proposed to lower the legal minimum age of criminal responsibility individually. According to the draft, if a person who has reached the age of 12 but not the age of 14 commits the crime of intentional homicide or intentional injury and causes death, if the circumstances are flagrant, he shall bear criminal responsibility upon the approval of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate. At the same time, considering the amendment of criminal law and the law on prevention of juvenile delinquency, the detention and rehabilitation should be changed into special correction education.

If the amendment had been made a year earlier, would the murderer have been afraid and would not have committed a crime? Such a question mark is deeply hit in he Meilings heart.

But the mainstream voice in the legal community thinks that the probability of changing the judgment is very low. Li Changqing, director of Beijing Jinggu law firm, believes that the law does not go back to the past, and the newly revised law can not trace back to the past behavior, which is also a guarantee for the stable operation of the legal order. If the punishment is unknown, then the threat can not be measured is to prevent such arbitrary retroactivity. However, it can be determined that, after the amendment bill is passed, the new law can be adopted to punish new similar cases and prevent the occurrence of such crimes to a certain extent.

Tong Lihua, an expert on juvenile legal aid in Beijing, said that lowering the age of criminal responsibility has a significant impact on preventing juvenile delinquency and handling juvenile crime cases, and the most direct change is malicious compensation age. . This article brings about two major institutional changes: first, from the perspective of juvenile delinquency prevention law, the original government detention and rehabilitation has been replaced by special correction education, which puts forward a systematic solution; second, although the age of criminal responsibility has decreased, there are strict procedural requirements for investigating the criminal responsibility of young minors, and the procedural guarantee helps to avoid bias in the implementation Poor, better protection and prevention of juvenile delinquency. Simple changes in the provisions are of great significance. They not only provide direction for the ongoing revision of the law on the prevention of juvenile delinquency, but also make institutional arrangements for dealing with juvenile delinquency.

More than a month ago, with the help of his former workers, Wang Jiuzhang returned to the construction site to open an excavator, and the green plants at home stretched out in the sun.

Qi Qis body is still lying in the funeral home. He Meiling said that she is still waiting for a result. When the dust settles, she will arrange the cremation of her daughters body.

(except he Meiling and Wang Jiuzhang, they are pseudonyms.)