Jilin double ginger really fragrant! The efficiency of 50 + 14 is too frightening

 Jilin double ginger really fragrant! The efficiency of 50 + 14 is too frightening

In the first two quarters of the match against Jiangsu, Jiang Weize was very active in the offensive end, and had no false shot in the middle distance sudden stop jump. He also succeeded in the breakthrough layup and the bottom corner three-point projection in the fast break. In the first half of the game, Jiang Weize once hit all 8 shots and contributed 19 points to help Jilin establish a double-digit lead. In the third quarter, Jiang Weize scored three points again and scored 22 points.

Jiang Yuxing played 43 minutes of the game, most of the time played the Jilin teams main attack point. Unlike Jiang Weize, who is good at opening up the space in the middle and long-distance shooting, Jiang Yuxing mainly impacts the basketball with his own mobility. He has completed 8 fast attacks, 6 times on Jiangsus internal line caused damage.

Entering the fourth quarter, Jiang Weize killed the ball near the forbidden area as soon as he came up to attract the bottom corner of the ball after the sandwich attack, and assisted Cui Jinming to hit three points. Next, Jiang Yuxing two consecutive ball impact under the basket, both win 2 + 1 opportunities, the difference again widened. The joint attack of the two men suppressed the last wave of the opponents counter attack.

In the end, Jiang Yuxing and Jiang Weizes two Jiang combination, jointly bombed down 50 points and 14 assists, led Jilin team to 110-92 light Jiangsu team, won two consecutive wins.