The old saying of a thousand years ago is still full of motivation today

 The old saying of a thousand years ago is still full of motivation today

Although we have gone through thousands of rivers and mountains, we still need to continue to cross mountains and rivers. There are still many gullies and ditches, rapids and dangerous beaches to cross on the way forward. In todays economic globalization, if China wants to develop and leap forward, it must comply with the trend of the times of reform and innovation, unswervingly deepen the reform in an all-round way, open a road to the mountains and build bridges when faced with water, dare to open a knife to the stubborn disease, have the courage to break through the interests and solidify the barriers, and carry out the reform to the end.

Reform and innovation is the spirit of the times and the soul of national progress. In December 18, 2018, China unremitting self-improvement speech was held in the 40th anniversary session of the General Assembly celebrating reform and opening up. General Secretary Xi Jinping reviewed the history of Chinese civilization for more than 5000 years. He quoted the archaic language of the rule of the world and the need for the country to be free from the past. This is a glaring historical light of the theory of evolution. It shows that in the new era, the Chinese people will continue to strive for self-improvement and self renovation, and the pace of Chinas reform and innovation will never stop.


Geng Fa is the first chapter of the book of Shang Jun. it records the heated debates between the reformists represented by Shang Yang and the Conservatives represented by Gan long and Du Zhi before the reform was carried out in the state of Qin, focusing on whether or not to reform and why to reform.

At that time, the Qin state was the weakest among the seven great powers in the Warring States period, which was not only despised by the other six countries, but also excluded from the league. Within the state of Qin, due to the conflict between aristocratic politics and monarchy, great power was left in the hands of disorderly officials; on the outside, due to the earliest political reform, the neighboring state of Wei often invaded Qins territory. After Qin Xiaogong succeeded to the throne, he was determined to strive for reform, so he openly recruited talents to the society. Shang Yang (formerly known as Gongsun Yang), a native of the state of Wei, praised the reform strategy of Qin Xiaogong, but was strongly opposed by the old aristocrats. They put forward that sages can educate without changing folk customs and customs, and wise men can govern the country without changing the old laws. They insist that there is no fault in ancient law, and there is no evil in following rites. Shang Yang pointed out that the ritual systems of Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties were different, but they all achieved the kings career; the laws of the five tyrants in the spring and Autumn period were also different, but they all achieved hegemony. Only in this way can we achieve the goal of strengthening the country and enriching the people. He put forward the idea of governing the world differently, so that the country does not have to follow the ancient times, which means that it is not necessary to use a strategy to govern a country. As long as it is beneficial to the country, it is not necessary to follow the example of ancient times. This strengthened the determination of Qin Xiaogongs reform, which led to the beginning of Shang Yangs reform, and Qin gradually became rich and powerful.


In todays world, the trend of reform and innovation is rolling forward. Only by conforming to the historical trend, actively responding to changes, can we keep pace with the times. In the face of a new round of global growth, only reformers advance, only innovators are strong, and only reform innovators win.

Innovation is the soul of national progress, the inexhaustible source of a countrys prosperity and the deepest national endowment of the Chinese nation. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the Chinese people have adhered to the principle that emancipation of the mind and reform and opening up complement each other, innovation in ideas and practice promote each other, have the courage to self revolution and self innovation, constantly improve the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and constantly eliminate the drawbacks of various systems and mechanisms that hinder development, and have made historic achievements in reform, opening up and socialist modernization. Reform is related to the National Games, and innovation will win the future. Chinas development to today, every step we take requires impetus from reform and vitality from innovation. Reform and innovation has always been the spiritual force that urges us to keep pace with the times in the reform and opening up.

Today, reform and innovation have entered the critical period and deep-water area. If we want to achieve the success of the systematic project of comprehensively deepening reform and innovation, we must emancipate our minds to promote reform and innovation, dare to go down deep water and dangerous beaches, have the courage to break through barriers and obstacles, abandon outdated concepts, break through the old framework restricting development, and let all kinds of development vitality fully burst out and promote China has always been in the forefront of the times.

Where does the motivation come from to realize dreams, meet challenges and create the future? Only from development, from reform, from innovation! (by Yang Lixin)

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