Evidence chain found in Qingdao: new coronavirus can survive for a long time by human cryopreservation

 Evidence chain found in Qingdao: new coronavirus can survive for a long time by human cryopreservation

These two proofs have also brought great pressure on the import of foreign defense in Qingdao. Therefore, Qingdao will take the import of foreign defense as a key work in the next step of epidemic prevention and control.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is being detected in Chinas recent clinical investigation of new crown pneumonia. Recently, the live virus was isolated from the positive samples of frozen cod imported from workers. In view of this situation, how will Qingdao strengthen management and prevention and control in Qingdao? At the news conference on epidemic prevention and control held this morning, Chen Wansheng, deputy director of the general office of Qingdao municipal government, announced that Qingdao will strengthen the control of imported cold chain food from three aspects.

The first is to increase the nucleic acid detection density for the personnel who are engaged in loading, unloading and other direct contact with cold chain food in the port area. After contacting the imported cold chain food, the staff who are directly in contact with the cold chain food shall rest in the designated area and shall not leave. The nucleic acid detection shall be carried out once every 5 days if they work continuously for more than 5 days. For other employees who have direct contact with cold chain imported food, nucleic acid detection shall be conducted every 7 days, and closed management shall be implemented after the operation and before the test results come out. All imported cold chain food must be inspected, and nucleic acid detection of relevant environment should be strengthened.

The second is to do a good job in the record work of imported cold chain food. All the first-class wholesalers who buy imported cold chain frozen food must report to the market supervision department of the destination 24 hours before the purchased food arrives in the urban area.

Third, we should continue to strengthen the inspection and rectification of cold chain food production and operation units, continue to strengthen the rectification efforts, scientifically guide the cold chain food production and operation units to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and further do a good job in the cold chain food processing link prevention and control, and the tracking management of market circulation links.

Qingdao will control the epidemic risk in the first time and the first link through the above measures.

The new coronavirus isolated from Qingdao cold chain food packaging is the first in the world

Chinas China novel coronavirus pneumonia Center released a news report on October 17th that the CDC detected the live virus from the positive samples of imported frozen cod from workers handling of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Qingdao. This is the first time that a new coronavirus has been isolated from the outer package of cold chain food in the world, and it has been confirmed that the outer package contaminated by the new coronavirus can cause infection.

1u3001 Significance of isolation of live virus from cold chain food packaging

Recently, Chinas relevant departments have carried out the nucleic acid sampling of new coronavirus in cold chain food. As of September 15, 2.98 million detection results had been submitted by 24 provinces, including 670000 cold chain food and packaging samples, 1.24 million employees samples and 1.07 million environmental samples. Only 22 food and packaging samples were positive for NCV nucleic acid, and the viral nucleic acid load was low, and no live virus had been isolated before.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is not a foodborne disease, and no infection is found through food intake. So far, there are no cases of consumers infected by contaminated cold chain seafood. The risk of infection is very low in China. The main transmission route of NCV is still through respiratory droplets and close contact. At the same time, Chinas relevant departments have increased the imported cold chain food new coronavirus monitoring, disinfection and other measures, the general public pay attention to keep clean, raw and cooked separation, can normally buy and eat imported fresh.

The virus that is still alive on the virus contaminated articles under specific conditions may lead to the infection of susceptible contacts without effective protection, mainly employees of related industries. The novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control program (7th Edition) issued by the comprehensive response group of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control system recently issued by the State Council has asked all localities to implement routine protection, health monitoring and nucleic acid active screening of cold chain food related workers, improve the environmental hygiene conditions of production, processing and trading, and reduce the risk of infection among employees.

China CDC suggests that employees who often have close contact with cold chain products with high risk of new coronavirus pollution, such as those engaged in loading, unloading, processing and sales of cold chain products, should enhance their protection awareness, do a good job of daily protection, avoid direct skin contact with potentially contaminated cold chain products, and do not take off the potentially contaminated work clothes after contacting cold chain products Before hand washing and disinfection, do not touch the mouth, nose and eye, wash hands and disinfect immediately after the work is completed, and conduct nucleic acid screening regularly.

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New coronavirus can be transferred from human to human