PLA fighter patrol pilot calls again: dont interfere with my actions

 PLA fighter patrol pilot calls again: dont interfere with my actions

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PLA military aircraft rarely shout: Taiwan, China, do not interfere!

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Mr. Xu, a fan page manager of Southwest Taiwan airspace, analyzed the long-term records. He pointed out that the response had been heard in the past, is carrying out the task, and had not heard of training. It was the first time that the mainland military aircraft had directly called Taiwan area. It was obvious that the Chinese mainland had already made southwest air space its own home, but instead thought that Taiwan air force was a disturbance.

With regard to the mainlands military aircraft cruising around Taiwan, a spokesman for the eastern theater pointed out that Taiwan and its affiliated islands are a sacred and inseparable part of Chinas territory. Chinas armed forces combat readiness cruise is completely legitimate and legal, and is a necessary action to be taken against the current security situation in the Taiwan Strait and the maintenance of national sovereignty. The theater forces are determined and capable of thwarting all separatist activities of Taiwan independence, resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, and resolutely safeguard peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait region.

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Media: PLA fighters patrol Taiwan continuously, and Tsai ing Wens voice softened

According to the information released by the media in Taiwan, since the middle of September, the number of PLA military aircraft entering the airspace around Taiwan has reached more than 50. During the National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday, PLA military aircraft inspected Taiwan for days. According to the record on the fan page of Taiwan southwest airspace, PLA military aircraft entered Taiwan southwest airspace again at 7:48 am on the 4th, with an altitude of 2000 meters.


Jinmen artillery battle

Looking back on the Jinmen artillery battle. In August 1958, according to the international situation and the situation in the Taiwan Strait, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Central Military Commission (CMC) decided to bombard Kinmen, severely punish the Kuomintang armys attack on the mainland, and smash the so-called two Chinas plot by the United States. At the beginning of the Jinmen artillery battle, the U.S. military clamored to escort and aid Chiang Kai Sheks army, trying to frighten the mainland. As a result, in the face of the resolute shelling of the Chinese peoples Liberation Army, the U.S. warship quickly slipped away.


Now, when the PLA military aircraft have been circling Taiwan for a long time, the US congressman Rubio, who has been holding the Anti China job for a long time, has even said such words - it is impossible to help Taiwan confront the mainland in a comprehensive conflict. Rubio also said that the Taiwan issue is a red line issue on the mainland, and the United States must handle it with caution..

Militarily, the PLA has a stronger Navy and air force than in the days of the Jinmen artillery battle. Regular cruise will further train the team.

J-20 and j-16

In the air force, new fighters, such as the j-20, j-16 and j-10c, have been put into service in batches, and the j-16 or even the j-20. How to improve combat capability quickly? Its a good idea to strengthen combat readiness and training around Baodao! Including the h-6j of naval aviation. This naval version of the God of war h-6k can be used for military training in the Taiwan Strait and enhance the experience in the use of troops. Compared with the previous version of the h-6h, the h-6k / J not only increases the range, but also can carry long-range cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles, effectively expanding the operational radius of the PLA in the Western Pacific.

As for the yun8 anti submarine aircraft, it is no bad to have a good time with the US Army from reconnaissance, early warning to anti submarine patrol and electronic suppression, playing with the Taiwan army, and even with the US Army coming from a long way.

What is the reaction of the island to the continuous cruise of PLA aircraft in Taiwan? According to the DPP authorities or the green media, it seems that this is not an issue. The Taiwan army seems to be able to cope with the same. In practice, however, this is not the case.

Screen capture of Lianhe daily

Although Taiwans Defense Department did not confirm the report of the United Daily, it claimed that when PLA fighters patrol Taiwan, they could cope with it every time. In Xiaoyins opinion, he is afraid that he will not deal with it. At present, Taiwans aircraft for intercepting include mirage, F-16 and Jingguo. Compared with the new three or even four generation machines newly installed in mainland China, how can the body bone withstand the daily twists and turns? If we go on like this again, will some airplanes break up soon?

During the continuous patrol of PLA fighters, the tone of Tsai ing Wens authorities seems to be softening. Wu zhaoxie, head of the so-called foreign affairs department, said that Taiwan and the United States will strengthen cooperation in economic, political and other aspects, but at present Taiwan will not conduct all-round diplomacy with the United States and form all-round diplomatic relations.

Wu zhaoxie

Wu also denied that the Taiwan authorities were willing to degenerate and become pawns of the United States. It even said that Taiwan did not want to be the next region to be implemented with the national security law. When he said this, Wu zhaoxie might have thought of something.

In fact, the PLAs care for Taiwan island has been normalized. Its really good! If we dont stop the process of Wu Yunxie and Wu Yunxie in English, they will not let go of history

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }The PLA military plane inspected Taiwan again this morning. Source: Haike news editor: Liu Xiaowu_ NN4113

PLA military aircraft patrol Taiwan again this morning