China cloud computing first calls you to come to the meeting

 China cloud computing first calls you to come to the meeting

With the outbreak of global epidemic, the boundary of the real world began to expand

Life services, telecommuting, online education, driverless

A great migration to the cloud

As the indigenous people of cloud computing

10.23 cloud building for the future

Current cloud computing market

Various concepts, schemes and black technology are flying all over the world

But ucloud, which has experienced the market test, knows that

Solving practical problems for users is the core

He has always advocated pragmatism, pragmatism and pragmatism;

Grounding gas, grounding gas and grounding gas;

At this user conference, ucloud, as always, less nonsense, more dry goods..

Comprehensive upgrade of cloud computing core products

Focus on the core and continuously create value in the place where users need the most. At the user conference, uclouds powerful cloud computing product line was comprehensively upgraded, including:

>Monster performance of Kuaijie virtual machine

>Hybrid cloud with comprehensive customization from data center to operation and maintenance service

>Simple and easy to use container management product cube

>Live cloud 3.0 in the era of national live broadcasting

They will share their digital cases of ucloud application. In addition, ucloudiot products, SDN solutions, urtc real-time audio and video products, and UAI face temperature measurement products will release the latest progress and application scenarios at this conference.

A few years ago, a great move was finally made

Everything on the cloud, cloud computing in the past few years of the underlying infrastructure, gradually to the application scenarios and solutions.

The data security open platform security house, which was developed and launched by ucloud alone three years ago, has blossomed in many places this year, which seems to have the trend of starting a prairie fire.

>Xiamen big data security open platform

>Shanghai big data inclusive financial platform

>National emergency Internet Center, etc

At this user conference, Xiamen informatization experts will come to the scene to share ucloud safe house, and help Xiamen build the first innovative application of government data open platform in China.

Education is a big cake, and big factories covet it one after another. Ucloud is still focused on segmentation.

At this user conference, ucloud will release the first Qihui scientific research cloud dedicated to providing cloud service for university scientific research in the whole industry;

The head of Information Office of Wuhan University, Tongji University and East China Normal University will share the new mode of using ucloud to carry out research on training platform and unmanned vehicle, and promote the construction of smart campus and the integration of production and teaching.

Neutral ucloud, the most reassuring, most hope to make friends.

At this user conference, ucloud will announce:

It covers technical partners, ISVs, consulting partners, channel providers, etc,

Gather all forces in the energy industry to digitize together with u.

If you are the head of enterprise it, want to reduce cost and increase efficiency;

If youre a tech enthusiast, you want to know the real technology;

If you are concerned about the digital industry;

Welcome to the 2020 ucloud user conference,

October 23, online and offline, see you!

Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485