Zhu Weifang: enterprise digitization promotes digital talent demand upgrading

 Zhu Weifang: enterprise digitization promotes digital talent demand upgrading

Zhu Weifang, partner, chief talent officer and general manager of Enterprise Service Department

As a well-known saying in the industry: digitalization is the greatest certainty facing the future! Zhu Weifang suggested that enterprises should overcome three difficulties in the process of transformation: digital business design, digital operation and digital organization design. Digital business design is to transform the existing products or services into a digital font, and then reshape the operation efficiency of enterprises through new technologies and data capabilities. Finally, it integrates the organizational structure, improves the reserve of digital talents, and deepens the cultivation of enterprise values and digital literacy into the production labor. Pay attention to the career advancement and efficiency improvement of digital talents, and also pay attention to the urgent needs of enterprises in the development and construction of digital talents. Large enterprises begin to strengthen the digital organization ability, and small and medium-sized enterprises pay more attention to the efficiency brought by digitization.

The pyramid model of enterprise digital talents

On the spot, Zhu Weifang shared that the emergence of long-term enterprise internal training and future oriented talent development model are influencing the formulation of enterprise talent strategy. The definition of digital talents is divided into three fields of management, specialty and application, which acts on the development of enterprise organization in the form of pyramid. Digital application talents mainly apply digital skills to business scenarios to maximize work efficiency and work value; digital professionals focus on professional skills building, build a basic framework, and lay the foundation for the digital transformation of enterprises; the most important is the digital management talents at the top of the pyramid to promote the digital transformation of enterprises from top to bottom. Based on this background, business service emerges as the times require.

Just at the beginning of this year, the opening bar was selected into the directory of the first batch of high-end industry skill upgrading training institutions. The main industry direction is artificial intelligence and technology services. Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology will give financial subsidies to qualified high-end industrial enterprises in Beijing as long as they purchase training services from training institutions certified in the directory including the opening bar, organize employees to carry out skills improvement training and pass the performance appraisal. The Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission will give financial subsidies, and each person can receive a maximum of 20000 yuan of special technical subsidies.

The 20th anniversary celebration of Zhongguancun Talent Association and the press conference of talent Festival

Opening bar enterprise service is an online education platform for digital talents launched for enterprises. It is committed to reserve globally optimized digital talents for digital transformation of enterprises, help enterprises build digital capabilities, carry out digital force engineering, and realize digital transformation. Lets start the course. Enterprise services help promote the promotion of digital talents and provide impetus for the intelligent upgrading of enterprises. After 195 days of internal test, the enterprise service of the opening bar has covered 17 industries and more than 1100 enterprises, including more than 200 paying enterprises. In the past 20 years, Zhongguancun association has undergone the transformation from high-tech development zone to national independent innovation demonstration zone, and then to the world science and technology innovation center. It has also transformed itself from serving technical talents of high-tech enterprises to providing comprehensive human resources services for the innovation and development of Zhongguancun, and has become an active participant in the construction of Zhongguancun talent special zone and an endeavor practitioner of the cause of strengthening China with talents. In the future, the opening bar and Zhongguancun Talent Association will carry out in-depth cooperation to provide innovative talent services for top-notch talents in Zhongguancun, Beijing and even the whole country.